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How To Make Your Own Liquid Biotin

Getting the maximum benefit from your biotin requires constantly taking it with meals. However, what happens in reality is we sometimes forget to take it or find it hard taking it with the meal, especially, if we have to swallow it. For Chewable vitamins, the tendency is to do so after the meal as they tend to be sugary and will affect our taste buds whilst eating Lol. What's the solution?

For some biotin and vitamins in capsule form, simply add to your beverage and take it. I tried this technique with my natures bounty gummies and it was a success! It melted in the beverage so I got to enjoy my meal as well as take my vitamins.

You can add to your drink or juice too, especially smoothie in the morning. For tablet vitamins, even cold water can dissolve it for you. If you feel it might be bitter, then, your morning tea or porridge can handle that. Just drop it in a spoonful of what you are drinking to melt and take it. Recall those days of bitter paracetamol or chlor…

Goat Milk Pawpaw Soap

I purchased this from a shop on Instagram and just for the fact that I saw goat milk,  I decided to try it.  I just saw that butterflygh also has a goat milk line that I'll be trying after this.  I also got the carrot and oatmeal,  all with goat milk. I've been using the oatmeal one since last week and so far,  no itching and no negative reaction. I find my skin to be less dry too; it stays hydrated for longer periods.  With the size, the three bars could last me two months (minus night baths lol).

The three cost me less than 40gh including delivery. I don't use it on my face because I have enough facial products.

I got them from naturalbeautygh on Instagram and I hope to enjoy this line.

6 Things I Look Forward To (October 2017 to October 2018)

I've missed my length so much but I've made peace with myself and my hair regarding my love of fierce cuts!

Now that I have made the choice to grow the hair in a relaxed state, I've realized that there are 6 things I'd love to do.
1. Wear a bun with extensions at the end. I miss this style so much!

2. Use up products within a month so I don't hoard.

3. Wear headband around the hairline whilst the hair is in a top bun

4. Air dry and get puffy, frizzy hair!

5. Try some product lines on the market eg. From Sheamoisture and Creme of nature, Eden Bodyworks and Sunny Isle.

6. The last one is to be able to do 12 weeks relaxer stretch throughout the 12 months of the challenge. 4 relaxer application within a year would be great for maintaining my dark and thick hair!

Wild Growth Hair Oil &moisturizer

If you didn't know, then, let me announce that we have Wild growth hair oil and the oil moisturizer in stock. To order, call 0541458372

We also have Tea Tree shampoo and deep conditioner from Beauty Formulas

In stock too are facial cleansers, scrubs and activated charcoal peel off mask.
For prices and order , call 0541458372

VO5 shampoos and conditioners are also available.
We have the 12oz and 32oz size.

We still have Tropic Isle Jamaican black castor oil.
For more products, check

How I Grew My Edges (And Still Growing It)

About 3 months ago, I purchased edge entity follicle stimulant cream and now, I'm full of excitement about the results.

It's been 4 months since my last braid too and these two things have helped restore the glory of my hairline.

I wasn't a happy fella with those ratchet looking edges and I was definitely to be blamed for that damage.

I use the edge entity once a day, every single day (I try not to miss) . I purchased the 4oz jar hence I have 3 more months of use. The jar directs that it's used within 6 months.

When it's finished, I'm still going to be my sulphur hair oil to maintain it. I use that on my scalp and my two weeks growth is impressive.

As for the nature's bounty gummies, I take them once every 3 to 4 days and that's how it's going to be to avoid breakout.

Anyway, here are more pictures.

Boot Camp Wash Day

Last night, I really paid attention to my hair as I want to have a detailed wash routine for new readers and also participants in the 2018 boot camp.

1. Washed with the Ors aloe creamy shampoo to remove dirt and build up from the chemicals in the water I use.

2. I rinsed the shampoo out and applied a deep conditioner (I used dark and lovely Amla legend mask) I know some of the ladies have ORS replenishing conditioner, ORS nourishing conditioner, Eco Lesterol. These are deep conditioners you can use. I covered my hair with a steam cap to allow the body's heat to heat up the deep conditioner for it to work.
3. I left the deep conditioner on for as long as I could and then rinsed off with cold water.

4. I used an old t shirt to dry the hair and then applied leave in conditioner.

5. I used mane choice hair oil after to seal in the moisture and covered with a steam cap for overnight Green House Effect. This method infuses moisture in the hair and can be done as often as you wa…

Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and Age control Night Cream

The last time I did an intensive facial cleansing was about a month ago. After that,  I haven't used a scrub so why didn't I get breakouts like I do when I don't use scrub? I believe scrubs unclog blocked pores but if the pored aren't blocked in the first place,  then,  there won't be any unclogging.

What's the secret?  The new facial moisturizers I use.
I use the Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and age control night cream.

I've been consistent in using just these two on face and those who also purchased it, love it.
My face has remained smooth and acne free even without scrubbing so imagine the joy I have.
I'll be using scrub every now and then as a maintenance routine.
The day cream is lighter and smells great too.  I focus is on the eye area and the  eyes have  felt and looked more moisturized.  Even though I still plan on getting an eye cream and vitamin C facial serums,  this cream is filling that gab quite well.

The night cream is thicker …

My Hair Update; Nature's Bounty Gummies

It seems I've gone under the radar; well, I have because I'm back to work but my hair hasn't been neglected at all.

I've had three more cuts with the last one being last week. I've had with my hair more than I've ever had! No complaints, no qualms at all about length.

Now, I'm ready to embrace the natural life. Haven enjoyed short hair like that I've satisfied my cravings and also grown used to the cuts.

I finished the Hairfinity vitamins 2 weeks ago and just began taking the nature's bounty Gummies as my energy levels dipped. I do take supplements for my energy level so the hair vitamins are just the best way of getting to enjoy both worlds.

My goal is to grow out the hair for Braids in the harmattan at the Northern region (I may spend Xmas there). I miss Braids but I miss my natural, unrelaxed hair more.

I love my natural hair now more than ever and I'm super excited to give it another try. Of course haven worn twa for 3 months…

Boot camp 2018 is on!

Here's all there is to know.
To join, send me a message on 0541458372