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Buns To Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Buns are the easiest but usually the least used protective style. Most hair styles make use of extensions which put a lot of strain on the scalp. Do you know you can equally use buns as protective styles to grow your hair long and healthy?  I've an article on using buns here as protective styles and I'll add a few more tips on utilizing this style. [1] Always moisturise the ends of your hair before you throw the hair into a bun. This will keep it from getting dry. [2] Moisturise the ends of your at night to reinfuse moisture into it. [3] Don't use rubber bands eg those used to wrap money. Opt for ouchless bands - ones without metals on them.  [4] You don't have to use gels to sleek down your hair. [5] You can take down your buns every night and restyle in the morning. Be sure to also sleep im a bonnet or on a satin pillow case. 

Grow Your Short Relaxed Hair

If you have short relaxed hair, I can relate to your struggles! [Check out our instagram page @emprezzglamhub].  Now, how do you grow short relaxed hair faster?  Not easy wearing your hair so braids can be your default styles for about a year or more. 1. During this time, try to moisturize the hair using braid spray.  2. Be sure to moisturise the hair even in its short state. That hair will become the ends as you grow out your hair so begin to care for it whilst you can. That will minimize the damage and help retain length better.  3. Still deep condition the hair irrespective of the short nature. Giving it the right treatment from the onset will nourish that hair as it grows out.  4. Stay away from  too direct heat: I know the struggle of air drying short hair! It's easy to blow dry weekly but if possible, use a heat serum every time and lay low with the flat iron!  5. Still detox your hair and scalp for optimum growth.  6. Growth oils and vitamins do accelerate the growth process

Hair Butters In Your Hair Regimen

It seems I haven't mentioned hair butters on this blog nor in my wash routines. That might linked to my earlier readings about how mineral oils clog the pores, weigh down the hair and leave the hair dry. That perception has changed though  . There are  butters that are beneficial for our hair, especially, for us in Ghana. Ghee butter Mango butter Muru muru butter Cupuaca butter. Avocado butter Cocoa butter Chebe butter Sheabutter  How To Use Hair Butter Butter as a hair mask : This is essentially a prepoo mask. Ghee butter is noted for being an amazing butter for prepoo treatment. It is applied on dry hair and left for about 3 hours. Similarly, you can use chebe butter as a prepoo treatment too. As a sealant : For hair that easily becomes dry, butters are great as sealants. You can apply butters even after your oil, especially if you use coconut oil to seal. The hair absorbs the coconut oil and hence a heavy product like a butter will add an extra layer of protection. In addition,

Wash Day Mistakes

The usual advice I offer is to allow a hair dresser do your hair. As you get familiar with the products and regimen, you can then makw efforts to do your own wash. What are some mistakes we can make during the wash? ... Not shampooing properly: Depending on how long you go between washes, using the shampoo once won't suffice. ... Too much deep conditioning. You may get protein overload or moisture overload. Doing weekly deep treatment may work well for those with Bra strap length and beyond because they have a lot of old ends to handle. Even that may not necessitate weekly deep conditioning.  If you have anything below that length, twice a month should be enough. ... Not knowing the right washing method that works for you. If you choose to use the salon, you'd still ought to know which detangling technique works. For most part, flowing water in the downwards direction makes detangling easier. Also, washing in section creates minimum tangles. This is one thing you shouldn't