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5 Tips When Washing Your Face

Use a clean towel/Tissue  to remove make up and also clean excess water. Disposable wipes are also a good option when removing make up. Don't forget to clean the eye area too. Use cleansing milk or Micellar water after your make up wipe to take off left over make up.  Cleansing and scrubbing go hand in hand. After washing the face, a scrub does a better job of removing dirt stuck in the pores than just the cleanser. These two will contribute to a healthier skin.  Get a good moisturizer to restore moisture just as you do for your hair. It's advisable to apply a moisturizer as soon as possible prevent dryness. Moisturizing face is like the hair; moisture has to be retained at all levels of cleansing. Use products appropriate for your skin type. This is related to the third point.Find skin care products that will work for you. Be mindful of DIY products so you don't exacerbate your skin issues.  Facial Serums come before moisturizer so you can incorporate vitamin C serum, reti