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Natural Hair In Ghana

I realize there are a lot of women with natural hair in my motherland, Ghana (Gh). My search on the net has led me to believe that my Ghanaian friends are becoming more conscious of the change in the natural hair scene across the globe. From the great business women in the Makola market down to the roadside/street hawkers, you will notice the "nappy" texture on their heads. Most of them rock the popular natural hairstyle known as "twists" perhaps that's the simplest go-to style. As the weeks go by, i'll do my best to find out some of their hair care practices as well as their favourite styles.  my newest posts on natural hair in Ghana I hennaed my hair How I whipped my sheabutter mix Ecostyler Gel 1st Attempt The Best Season For Twist Outs How I Detangle My Natural Hair After A Weave Stay tuned! Emprezz