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Product Review: Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment!

My views concerning the Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, comment or share!!! Thanks for watching! Emprezz

How I Manage My Regimen

--> If you missed my post on how I manage my hair care products , then, kindly check it out.   I know we are accustomed to hair dressers attending to all our needs thus we tend to complain of our inability to do our own hair. However, the advent of hair care videos and blogs/websites have revolutionized the reliance on hair dressers. I have developed a system to manage my regimen for each process of my hair care: Washing   Shampoo wash Most of my washes are on Fridays into Saturdays since am mostly at home by 4pm on Friday and available on Saturday morning by which time I’d have dried hair

Hair Oils In Ghana: Mustard Oil

--> Window shopping is one of my chief means of obtaining info on products before purchasing them. I discovered mustard oil at AnC shopping mall- I use the mall and Madina market a lot because it's easy for me to get there without battling with traffic! Anyways, I purchased mustard oil for less than 10 gh and the size is enough to last a full year even if you are heavy handed. Why? This oil is thick like regular castor oil so you are forced to mix it with other oils to have an even spread lol.

Realistic Expectations for 4C (Coarse) Hair

As someone with the 4C hair texture, I found jouelzy 's video very educative. I do know that a lot of ladies fear to go natural because of this kind of texture but is it really that bad?  4C natural hair by nature can not be forced to be what it can't be. What happens when you purchase a curl cream and all you get is a hot mess? Is it really that difficult to manage 4C natural hair? No! Watch and share what you think!