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February In Review, March Goals

--> See my February Goals here. Those goals were pretty simple and easy to follow.

1.Continue applying jbco daily: Passed! I have been consistent with both the Jamaican black castor oil as well as multivitamins. The growth I experienced resulted in the achievement of my first hair goal of the year- The Senegalese Twists [seevideo here]

2.Continue wigging whenever necessary-I upgraded from Twa in wigs to Twa in senegalese twists lol. This was the most exciting experience in February!

How I Moisturize My Hair In Senegalese Twists

Due to the fact that a lot of ladies braid or weave up their hair, I've decided to share my moisturizing routine for my twist to demonstrate how it can be done.

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Current Wish List [Skin Care]

-->  As at the end of February, I have still not broken the No Buying of Hair Products Challenge. What I want now has to do with skin care.
1. SHANY Eyeshadow Palette, Bold and Bright Collection, Vivid, 120 Color

Reader Question: What's Your Hair Type?

--> The background to this question lies in the fact that I haven't complained about my hair texture which implies that I have pretty cool texture. You know what I mean?
I got to know my texture after my first big chop thus I've been working with this my whole life though I didn't know it back in school.
I have 4C,4Z, I mean, the typical 4 category that ladies shy away from. Am proud of it and that accounts for my no-complain attitude. I love my texture and look forward to handling it in all its "troublesome" glory lol.
here's what am referring to

How Often Do You Deep Condition?


Though a lot of ladies are aware of the need to deep condition, sometimes, the problem lies in how often one should or can do it. I'd like to know what you do.

March Hair Growth Challenge

Alright, ladies!! It's time to get serious hair growth business lol. Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, the hair growth challenge is in three parts and the first part commences on the1st of March and ends on the 31st of March, 2014.

*You have to post your starting length picture on my facebook page or in the group page.
*You ought to check in every Sunday on the facebook page or on the group page
*You must to state the growth aid you'll be using. If you need anything, you can send me a mail or whatsapp message to help you get it.

Registration ends on the 28th February, 2014

New Products In The Ghanaian Emprezz Shop+ Prices

1. Diane Processing Caps 3gh
2. Suave Moroccan infusion deep conditioning shine mask (8oz)17gh
3 Soft n Style Applicator Bottle (80z) 8gh (2 remaining)
4. Double prong metal cips (80count) 25gh (1remaining)
5. V05 moisture milk conditioner (15oz) 15gh
6. Goody ouchless elastic band (4 pieces) 2gh
7. Organix Smooth hydration Argan oil and Sheabutter moisture restore mask (8oz) 27gh
8. Pantene Pro-V truly natural deep conditioner (13 oz) 20gh
9. Conair Foam Rollers (48 pack) 45gh
10. Diane End wrap (1000 sheets) 30gh (1 remaining)
11. Smooth and shine polishing olive and tea tree deep recovery conditioner (130z) 30gh (1 remaining)
12 Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Deep conditoner (7oz) 23gh
13. Humco sulphur powder sublimed (4oz) 35gh
14. Tresemme naturals nourishing moisture shampoo (25oz) 35gh
15. V05 silky experiences champagne kiss conditioner (15oz)15gh
16. Suave naturals sweet pea and violet conditioner (22.5oz) 17gh
17. Suave naturals tropical coconut (22.5oz) 17gh

Hair Growth Challenge

The Ghanaianemprezz hair growth challenge for this year is in three (3) parts. Part one is from 1st March-31st March, Part two starts on 1st April-30th April, and the third part is from 1st-31st May, 2014. There would also be the INVERSION METHOD at the last week of every challenge month. Details about each month's challenge will be posted before time.

*This challenge will be daily-from Monday to Sunday.
*You can use any growth aid of your choice whether internally or externally or a combination of both. These may be mulitivitamins like biotin, hair, skin and nails or growth oils like Castor oil, Wild growth oil.
*You can be in any form of protective style and still participate in the challenge.

Rules for Participants:
1. You must post or share your latest length picture.
2. Check in every Sunday where you report on your progress
3. State the growth aid you'll be using


Senegalese Twist On TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

I give all the details about the twist, how I've been caring for it and the products I've been or will be using on it. Do rate, comment or subscribe to my channel for more videos!

Need Help In Creating A Relaxed or Natural Hair Regimen?

Ladies who have decided to embark on a healthy hair journey find it quite puzzling  deciphering all the products that are needed to care for relaxed hair and natural hair. Sometimes, it's difficult directing them to  where to find these products too.

To have a successful hair journey, you can't be an Island, you need to connect with other ladies to gain more knowledge from their own experiences. You also have the opportunity to see what they use, how they use their products and even get to know about new product lines.

The crucial part of being on a healthy hair journey is the regimen and if your regimen doesn't yield the results you want, you can be rest assured that you'll get frustrated.

How do you create a regimen? 
Building a regimen is dependent on several factors; budget, hair texture, hair needs, climate as well as genetics.

 If you have relaxed hair, your regimen will certainly differs from one with natural hair or even loced hair. If you have texlaxed or text…

Supporting Small Businesses-Our Own Hair Companies


A few years ago, I bemoaned the lack of hair care companies which are geared towards our hair care needs according to our climate. Most often, the products we have on the markets do not work well during certain seasons. If we have products made here, it would be conditioned by  climatic factors which will make it more effective to use be either on relaxed or natural hair.

As a blogger, I get a lot of mails requesting for places to get products especially organic ones.  I want to help promote small hair companies coming up especially those in Ghana so if you  have products available for my ladies, get in touch for a feature!

DIY Scalp cleanser

Having long and healthy relaxed hair or natural hair is dependent on the health of your scalp. It is out of the scalp that you get your hair therefore you ought to pay attention to how you treat your scalp. 
Your scalp can get infected and sometimes, the best way to avoid this is to be proactive with an effective scalp cleanser. How do you make your own scalp cleanser to save cost?

This is a simple yet effective cleanser you can try your hands own. Watch discoveringnatural as she shows how it is done.

January In Review; February Goals

--> All said and done, a lot of the goals couldn't be achieved last month - see goals here- because of the big chop
The only goal I've been consistent with is using jbco on my edges and even the whole scalp daily. I've noticed an increase in growth and if you've been following me on or , then, you are no stranger to the changes. I,however, did an oil rinsewhich I found very helpful in keeping the hair moisturized. What do I intend doing this month?

Continue applying jbco dailyContinue wigging whenever necessary-I'll share some pictures of my custom made lace wig in my next postDo another oil rinse  For now, these three will suffice as I can't really do much with the twa.
What are your goals?