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How To Twist Your Own Natural Hair

Whatever I share here is from my personal experience with my natural hair. You may have to tweak it to suite your hair needs. Section the hair into small parts.  Use two mirrors to check the parting at the back and front.  Be sure to use your fingera to check for knots.  Section the two parts to twist.  Apply twist and loc gel or gel or even sheabutter depending on the one that gives you a maximum hold.  Start twisting from the back and work your way up.  Don't borrow hair from another section to twisting. Stick to the tow sections and swirl the ends around your finger tips when you are done.  You may have to practice this for a while so don't worry if your first attempt doesn't produce bomb twists.  Allow the hair to dry before lying on it to avoid smushing the back.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Braids

I did a post on preparing your hair for weaves a while ago and today, I want to specifically touch on how to prepare your hair for braids especially for this harmattan. Basically, the routine for the preparation doesn't differ from that of getting a weave on. 1. Detangle your hair before going to the salon so the stylist doesn't mishandle the hair or use the wrong comb to detangle. This is especially crucial for natural hair. In addition to that, you have to also stretch your natural hair before getting to the salon because experience has shown that some stylist can't stretch your hair without charging extra or even creating more mess by using a hot tool to stretch without proper protection. 2. Deep conditioning before braids will provide the moisture your hair needs. Since your ow hair is going into hiding, it's best to give it a lot of moisture. 3.Choose the correct braid size for your hair. If you have thin hair and decided to get large plaits, you

Braids Shouldn't Hurt!

I follow a certain page on Facebook which posted this picture. I was amazed about the comments ladies made. Almost 95% saw the post as being true and what more, very normal to have braids hurting after installing! About 6 years ago, I'd have thought the same. If you braid your hair and it hurts, please change the stylist. In fact,  take down the braids asap! I've fallen sick due to painful braids and it wasn't good.  Another danger in having tight braids is loss of the hairline. When your hair line recedes, you know how awful your hair styles turn out.  Lastly,  tight braids can weaken your strands. You don't want broken hair and dry hair, right?  Knowledge is power! 

EASIEST TWA Afro Puff (4B/C Natural Hair)

The Afro puff is a go-to hair style for naturals with medium to long hair and here's how to the the easiest twa afro puff(4b/4c natural hair).   i Even though my hair is very short, at least, I'm able to put it in a puff. I don't wear it frequently in order not to put pressure on my edges. The fun part is that it takes less than 2 minutes to create and requires only a scarf and a bobby pin! [Youtube=]