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Rice Water Wash Day

My hair is doing okay though I've began feeling nostalgic about my length. I really miss the length and I've returned to the full steam growth challenges. Yes, I'm on the grow it quickly bandwagon and will use all tools and resources available at my disposal to achieve the goals I've set for myself.

Let's recap what I do now.  🔥Use msm infused water daily  🔥Use groganics head full of hair creme and Jamaican Black Castor Oil  🔥Take 1 gummy a day, collagen and prenatal vitamins alternatively.  🔥Postive affirmation and imagining what I wish to achieve.
I can comb the hair now and it's quite exciting being able to massage my scalp and actually feel hair on it 😂

Sunscreen Types and Uses

SPF: Sun Protection Factor. SPF measures the UVB protection of a sunscreen. (You can assume that UVA protection holds strong, while UVB defense wavers.) Unprotected skin takes 20 minutes to redden and burn in the sun, so an SPF 15 sunscreen or moisturizer will extend that 15 times longer, or roughly 5 hours. (You should play it safe and reapply after 2-3 hours, though.)They also explain it in terms of percentages, which explains why you might experience more of a skin tan using SPF 15 than SPF 30: SPF 15 blocks about 93 percent of UVB rays during this time. SPF 30 doesn’t block double the rays; it simply ups the ante to 97 percent, whereas SPF 50 takes it to 98 percent.UVB is the chief culprit behind sunburn, while UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply, are associated with wrinkling, leathering, sagging, and other light-induced effects of aging (photoaging).UVA: Ultraviolet “A” rays can penetrate deep into the skin. This leads to premature aging, or “photoaging” — fine lines…

Natural Hiar Growth Week 5

The scalp has completely recovered from a mishap I had last week. If you read the previous post, you'll notice I cut some hair off.
I'm still using the msm scalp mist and I seal with groganics head full of hair creme. 

It's not possible to comment on whether I've seen a drastic growth yet. What I do know is that my scalp wasn't sensitive again by the 3rd day of application. 

In addition, I make sure to sleep with a satin bonnet each night and that has also made a huge difference in the dryness. 

I also don't wear scarves again as the scalp hasn't been irritated again. This means the sun hits my scalp which at the moment is helpful as it's been cloudy for weeks now. Somehow, I love the feel of the sun on the scalp and I believe it will help speed up the healing process. It's going to be months before I can claim the scalp is totally healed.

The new addition is the Rosemary Essential Oil. Now, I'm not going to jump up and down about this as I'm no…

How I Use Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner

The second toner I've introduced in my stash is the Dickinson witch hazel toner. I opted for it as a back up to clearing acne when I don't want to use any chemical exfoliating product. It's quite drying and added to the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner, you get double impact. 

DIY MSM Scalp Mist and Scalp Oil

MSM is a popular ingredient in hair vitamins and its one ingredient that helps boost hair growth.

I got some of the powder and decided to put it to good use! 
One change I'm making is  I want to treat it like I have no products. That will allow me to use up whatever mixture I create.
Here's a link to the video on how I mixed up the powder with other ingredients. 
MSM Scalp Mist 

Natural Hair Week 4

This week's natural hair check in is very boring yet intriguing!Ive been using the jojoba castor oil hair mist each morning and night to accelerate the growth. I keep the hair covered with scarfs and hoodies. The weather is quite cold and my scalp can't tolerate it hence the daily covering. For products, I use just the Castor oil and Groganics head full of hair on the edges.  I take the collagen powder each morning and my prenatal at night. I love the rate of growth therefore I'll stick to this hair mist for a while. I still have 1 litre of mixed oils I intend to use up by end of 2020 as a result, I'll switch from the groganics after a month.

Natural Hair Growth Week 4

I do have a bit of new growth and that's pretty exciting!For washing, I used the groganics shampoo and conditioner again as I mentioned the previous week. This week, I paid attention to several things. I did a rice water rinse.

The Difference in Chemical Exfoliation (Pictorial)

Getting a grasp of chemical exfoliating entails understanding which one is suitable for your skin condition and of course, how each will impact your skin. Which one is your favorite? I love Cosrx BHA power liquid toner and The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution. I've used The Ordinary Lactic Acid which is also amazing. I'll be getting the 5% to use very soon.

Three Weeks Post Big Chop

This week, I've been spraying my hair daily with rice water. The water I use is quite diluted and I have another stored in the fridge for rinsing the hair after wash.I take my prenatal supplement daily too and I'm a little bit sad that I can't take hair vitamins. That would have been a major boost 😪😪 The good news is that I take Doctor's Best Collagen Powder with vitamin c therefore I'm pretty much going to get the results I desire. All the same, I'm managing the situation with the growth oils. I apply the Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape Balm about 2 times in the week, Paltas Oil about 3 times and the remaining 2 days, I use the groganics head full of hair creme.I love the consistency of the Paltas B. K. C oil, it's jelly and doesn't feel oily. It tingles a bit but nothing I can't tolerate. The joy of seeing this progress each week can't be measured!This week, I decided to do a full shampoo wash before cutting off the remaining relaxed hair. I cut…

How I Use Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner

Neutrogena is a popular brand and I've jumped on the bandwagon too by trying theAcne Stress control.I love the Cosrx BHA power liquid toner and it will always be my favorite but I want to give other products a chance. I've been breaking out for almost a week now and because I haven't used any chemical exfoliating products, I decided to use this chance to test the toner. After washing the face, I poured out the toner on cotton pad and swept my face with it. I allowed about 45 minutes before using Life Flo Rosehip oil.I loved the dryness I had on the face when I was applying the oil as that meant the skin had absorbed the toner. The Acne Stress Control toner has fragrance and that's the one thing I don't fancy in toners. I've had a lot of pregnant women asking for products to treat their skin therfore I'll be paying attention to these questions. In the meantime, I'm still looking out for friendly pregnancy products to create a post for my pregnant readers…

Two Weeks After The Big Chop

The 6 months challenge of the hair group I belong to has began and I'm super excited to share my progress with you each week.I will try and post pictures of what I'll using and doing. For the mean time, I'll be getting the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and conditioner and a few more growth shampoos and more. I hardly shampoo my hair; I use the creme of nature apple cider vinegar rinse each week. When the hair gets a bit longer, I'll then shampoo weekly. It's been great so far with the weekly rinse as my scalp has been quiet clean and the hair hasn't been overly dry. For moisturizer, Is spray the hair with rice water and then I use Palmers Hair Success Grow Treatment and follow with Jamaican Black Castor Oil to seal. I have not been using anything else on the scalp; I want to do that with the Castor oil until the bottle is empty since it's been open for a couple of months now and I don't want it to go rancid. I'm paying particular atte…