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DIY Hair Tonic To Restore Scalp PH

Tonics make the hair look glossier, which is viewed by many people as a sign of healthy hair. They help hold the hair in place, making it easier to style. Other benefits include moisturizing dry hair, lubricating a dry scalp, reducing split ends and broken hair, and helping to control dandruff.(Source:  One of thr hair tonics I've created helps with my scalp. To restore the PH of your scalp, all you need are : Fresh aloe vera gel or juice. I use the Lily of the desert aloe gel brand. Rose water Jamaican black castor oil or emu oil or jojoba oil  1. Mix all these in a spray bottle and refrigerate it. When it's  a bit cold,  it has a soothing effect too on the scalp. Use the spritz nights for about a week. If you've had a fresh braid or relaxer, this will soothe your scalp. 2. When you take down your extensions, you can also use the tonic 

How To Treat Balding

With the exception of aloepecia areata, other forms of hair loss may be self-inflicted. For a lot of ladies that request for hair growth products, the culprit is balding. Hair loss as a result of braids, weaves, cornrows and wigs is quite rampant in Ghana. We have a long way to go as regards good hair practices but until our hair dressers are fuller on board, you owe it to yourself to give your hair with the most utmost care. When after interactions you realized it's not genetics, I ask the customer to explain their hair routine as well as lifestyle. Usually, I advise they give the oils a try whilst improving on their diets as well as adding supplements. If these fail, then, they could seek medical interventions. Most often, the problem gets resolved. So, why balding? The bathing soap you use is too drying which causes breakage. The right braids have to sleep. Request your stylist not to even braid the edges. Tight braid lead to hair loss. Sleep scarfs, wig caps can also r

How To: Use Essential Oils

I have about two essential oils- tea tree oil and peppermint oil. I use these cautiously as I'm not a fan of tingling sensation from products. 1. For now, I use it in my oil mixes. I recently added a few more drops as I've since added more oils to it.  Do I notice growth with these essential oils? I do. That's the reason why I added them to the oil mix. As for the sealing oil, I'd rather not do that to prevent all week tingling Lol.  2. The other way I wish I could use the essential oils is in my deep conditioner but the issue is I wouldn't want anything getting into my eyes especially with the burning sensation associated with these essential oils.  3. For scalp tonic: Add a few drops of your essential oils to water and spray on your scalp. This soothes the scalp, promotes growth as well thickness. It also helps to heal your scalp!  4. Add to your pre shampoo treatments! A few drops in your prepoo masque, oil or clay treatment also works. Because you'll wash of

Quick and Easy DIY Liquid Black Soap

Do you know about African Black Soap? Did you know you can use it as a clarifying shampoo? As I move into cheaper but effective natural hair products for my hair, the most immediate need was a clarifying shampoo. Yet I wanted the shampoo to have some moisturizing abilities too in addition to the clarifying. Here's the recipe I used. African black soap aka alata Samina Vegetable glycerin  Coconut oil I used the glycerin for its humectant ability as my honey is finished. I added the back soap to warm water and allowed it to melt. After that, I added a fee tablespoon full of glycerin and a bit of coconut oil. I used this to clean my hair and it was quite a good feeling. I'll venture into some commercial products but not now. With the ORS aloe shampoo and this black soap shampoo, I think I'm set in the shampoo area.

How To Increase Hair Growth Without Vitamins

There are tons of posts on the advantages of taking hair vitamins but what if you can't afford them? Tea rinses help stop shedding and that's a great way to retain length. In addition, caffeine is said to aid in hair growth too so you get double benefits. Sulphur powder: I have so many ladies who can testify to the awesome growth they get from the Sulphur powder. Onion juice works well because of the high Sulphur content. Thus if you can't get Sulphur powder ( I have some in the shop though) just blend your onion, mix it into your shampoo and let it sit for two weeks. Use that to wash your hair. Yes,  I've done it before.  Jamaican black castor oil or red pimento oil. These are geared towards hair growth. There are other hair growth oils too ( mane choice oils, Sulphur oil, ). Wild growth oil is also effective. 

How To Treat Scab Hair

The solution to scab hair doesn't lie in deep conditioning daily; it's about keeping the moisture in the hair 24/7. How can you do this? Aloe vera, hibiscus leave in and rose water glycerin spritz sealed with cantu sheabutter gel oil. I began using aloe vera  early March and in a matter of 7 days, my hair was considerably hydrated.  At night, I massage fresh aloe vera gel on the hair then spray the hibiscus on the hair and apply a bit of Jbco oil mix. In the morning, I spritz with rose water mix, mix a bit of Mielle organics hair milk, Jbco mix and the gel oil and apply it to seal. The way I use these products vary on a daily basis but the key thing is that they are the products  that give me the result I want.  This has been my routine ever since I big chopped and that's what got rid of the dry hair. Get more details in the video here