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Post Relaxer Washing

Washing the hair after you've relaxed the hair is essential in preventing breakage. The focus should be on strengthening the hair to mitigate the effect of the relaxer.  I'd wanted to stretch the wash to 2 weeks but my scalp got itchy! However, this wash day was super easy and quick with the John Frieda detox masque. [1]Shampoo: Lotta Body moisturizing shampoo. This is extremely moisturizing and gentle on the hair. I didn't experience any knots or tangles too. I'd suggest you try it. [2]Masque: John Frieda Detox masque. This is to be left in the hair for 3 to 5 minutes - perfect for those of us who don't have time on our hands. Overall, John Frieda is worth the price! I've enjoyed very single range so far.  [3] I applied hair butter and combed the hair after towel drying it. I wore the hair in a bun and it gave me a smooth finish! [4]Next day, I used Leave in spray and followed with butter again. I'm beginning to love watery leave in conditioners more than c

First Relaxer For 2021!

At 8 weeks post, I was pretty much satisfied with the growth and I'm glad I did relax it. It was quite difficult managing the new growth with such length. I know I hardly post pictures of my hair these days; it's because I'm more interested in giving tips. However, I started this blog to document my hair journey and although for 4 years I wasn't actively growing my hair, it's just t right to share the ups and downs now that I'm growing it back.  This length remind me  of 2012 when I'd moved from natural to relaxed and was super excited!  With full neck length, the next target is full shoulder length and the rest of the year should be enough to reach that.  How did the process go? I'd wanted to use the Creme of nature bond mender to protect the previously relaxed hair but unfortunately, I left it at home.  1. She used the ORS olive relaxer and I allowed her to pass the small tooth comb through the hair because I didn't want to sit down for long.  2. A

John Frieda Frizz Wash Day!

I'm super excited about the John Frieda anti frizz range and can't wait to use it more! Prepoo: Used creme of nature plex bond mender to prepoo Shampoo: Applied the John Frieda shampoo and washed 2x with it Hair rinse: Applied green tea rinse, left it for 5 minutes and followed with John Frieda conditioner. Leave in: Used doo gro leave in treatment, applied a little Jamaican black castor oil and wore the hair in a wet bun to dry This is the mess I deal with when I don't wear buns!  Overall, I'm extremely deliberate about my wash day now because I've these few months to nourish it before it hits shoulder length. To moisturize during the week, I used a mixture of S curl and Hawaiian silky moisturizer plus a bit of an oil mix! For the most part, I've been wearing my hair in a small bun daily.