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John Frieda Frizz Wash Day!

I'm super excited about the John Frieda anti frizz range and can't wait to use it more! Prepoo: Used creme of nature plex bond mender to prepoo Shampoo: Applied the John Frieda shampoo and washed 2x with it Hair rinse: Applied green tea rinse, left it for 5 minutes and followed with John Frieda conditioner. Leave in: Used doo gro leave in treatment, applied a little Jamaican black castor oil and wore the hair in a wet bun to dry This is the mess I deal with when I don't wear buns!  Overall, I'm extremely deliberate about my wash day now because I've these few months to nourish it before it hits shoulder length. To moisturize during the week, I used a mixture of S curl and Hawaiian silky moisturizer plus a bit of an oil mix! For the most part, I've been wearing my hair in a small bun daily.