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Growth Aid: Onions

Onions are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Germanium and Sulphur!! Yes, lots and lots of Sulpur !!  Onions can therefore; Cure scalp infections:  Onion juice can fight bacteria and fungal infections which can cause damage to scalp and hair.  Reduces hair fall:  Onion juice is rich in Sulphur which increases blood circulation when massaged onto the scalp and strengthens hair.  Relieves scalp itchiness and dandruff:  The juice from onion can be mixed with lemon juice and is very effective for curing dandruff and relieving itchiness.    How to Use onions to grow hair Wash and peel the onions Cut the onions into small pieces and blend it. Strain and massage the water on the scalp, cover with a shower cap for about 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. Another way to prepare onion juice is to grate it and then add to your prepoo mixture and massage on your scalp.  Be sure to wash thoroughly to remove the smell from your hair. Do this

Personal Hair care: Can A Student Do It?

--> I’ve had a post (see   here  and here ) on this topic but I decided to do one related to the context of Africa/West Africa/Ghana where a majority of my readers are in tertiary institutions. I started my hair journey whilst I was in school (University of Cape Coast) so I can relate to challenges that come up. How do you combine hair care with studies?   First of all, create a budget- see my post on how Imanage my products . Having a budget is crucial in preventing and avoiding frustrations with handling your hair whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. How much do you have to spend on hair? What are your wants and needs? How long will you be in school and will the budget be a one time or monthly thing?   Are those products easily available on campus, if not, get alternatives! Have protective styles you want to wear? For weaves and braids, you may choose to wash monthly. If wigs, you can get corn rows for as long as you intend to wear them. If you want to wear out 50% of

Let's Talk: Is It Just Hair?

  A cherished reader left this comment on the post  The History of Black /African Hair(It's not just Hair) .  Now, this is going to be perhaps our longest post so kindly grab a glass of juice, sit down comfortably and read on! I think people put too much thought into the black hair/natural hair thing. Truly at the end of the day - it really is just hair. But then again, the lives and history we Africans in Africa have and the lives and history of Black Americans are very different. I think Black Americans have a lot of legitimate issues with their hair based on their history. However these are issues which are largely nonexistent to us black africans in Africa, (Rosina from Zambia, Southern Africa)