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Why I Washed My Hair Twice In One Day!

--> I used to wonder how I'd know if I'm listening to my hair and what it needs. Unconsciously and without meaning to,my brains and hands have done a great job noticing every change in my hair over the past two years. Now, I know it's not about deliberately examining the hair that counts; it's about how sensitive you are to it's texture, feel and look. Secondly, it pays to incorporate new products in your stash one at a time! How is this related to my recent issue? As far back as the beginning of this year, the only deep conditioner I've used is the dark and lovely anti breakage treatment. Additionally, S-curl has been the only leave in and moisturizer I've used.  I decided to get a conditioner for co-washing and when I got mane n' tail conditioner, I noticed it could be used as a leave in too. Since I'd given my s-curl to my younger sister to try, I was overjoyed with that addition. 

Reflections: May Goals Gone /June Goals Ahead

Remember my May Goals?-link here. Aside celebrating my birthday, I think the month was filled with interesting happenings. How far did I go with the goals in May?
*I started my gym training on the 2nd and haven't looked back. I tried to work out at least 5 times a week though there was a week I did only 3. The first week at the gym was full of pain, aches, and torture-my body took everything in good faith without breaking down. Currently, I've lost some weight and I'll be checking how much at the end of this weeks so stay tuned on my facebook  and Instagram pages.


Finally, the video is up. The rules are simple. Watch the video below for more information on how to win. Enjoy!!!!

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Growth Aid: Onions

Onions are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Germanium and Sulphur!! Yes, lots and lots of Sulpur !! 

Onions can therefore; Cure scalp infections: Onion juice can fight bacteria and fungal infections which can cause damage to scalp and hair. Reduces hair fall: Onion juice is rich in Sulphur which increases blood circulation when massaged onto the scalp and strengthens hair. Relieves scalp itchiness and dandruff: The juice from onion can be mixed with lemon juice and is very effective for curing dandruff and relieving itchiness. How to Use onions to grow hair
Wash and peel the onionsCut the onions into small pieces and blend it.Strain and massage the water on the scalp, cover with a shower cap for about 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. Another way to prepare onion juice is to grate it and then add to your prepoo mixture and massage on your scalp. 
Be sure to wash thoroughly to remove the smell from your hair. Do this weekly if you can to see results. An …

Personal Hair care: Can A Student Do It?

--> I’ve had a post (see  here and here) on this topic but I decided to do one related to the context of Africa/West Africa/Ghana where a majority of my readers are in tertiary institutions. I started my hair journey whilst I was in school (University of Cape Coast) so I can relate to challenges that come up. How do you combine hair care with studies?
First of all, create a budget- see my post on how Imanage my products. Having a budget is crucial in preventing and avoiding frustrations with handling your hair whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. How much do you have to spend on hair? What are your wants and needs? How long will you be in school and will the budget be a one time or monthly thing?Are those products easily available on campus, if not, get alternatives!Have protective styles you want to wear? For weaves and braids, you may choose to wash monthly.If wigs, you can get corn rows for as long as you intend to wear them. If you want to wear out 50% of the time, read…

I Got Clip In Extensions!!! (Right Here In Ghana)

Looking for instant, easy and less expensive weave? Watch my latest video, rate, comment and subscribe!


Hair Problems :I Think I'm Losing My Hair!!!

--> After 5 weeks of protective styling, I did an overnight deep conditioning (Africas Best Hair Mayonnaise and Cholestrol) and spent 2 hours detangling and washing my hair with Pure Essence Tea Tree Mint Shea Shampoo and Conditioner.

Do You Pre Shampoo? (Pre-Poo)

Pre-poo simply refers to using a form of protection on the hair before shampooing. I use oils like coconut oil, sheabutter, among others for at least 30 minutes by covering with a shopping bag and shower cap. The rationale behind this is to avoid the hair from being stripped clean of all oils during the shampoo process. The questions are: Do you pre-poo? How do you do it? How long do you do it? What do you use?kindly share your thoughts!


Hair Maintenance Day

Before I started researching on how to take care of my own hair, I never washed my braids or weaves. I didn't even  know it was possible and I didn't know anyone who did.Its true,most people here dont wash their braids or weaves for varied reasons.
For me, ever since I discovered this was possible, it has really helped me maintain my braids and weaves for longer periods of time.It has also helped me combact my itchy scalp probelm.
Here's a video for you guys to help you get some information on how I maintain my braids.

Thank you.

Ghanaian Hair Company: Haven Organics!

--> On numerous occasions, I’ve bemoaned the unavailability of products suited to natural hair care in Ghana. However, this trend is changing with the presence of women who have taken matters into their own hands and have decided to formulate products to cater for our hair needs.  Meet Angela Owusu of Haven Organics!
When was your company established? I officially started this range in January of this year but I had another range out since 2010 Tell us about the motivation/inspiration for starting the company? I have been making products as a hobby for years now as I was never satisfied with what was out there in the market. I had issues with hairdressers especially when I was relaxed and soon began to realise I knew more about my hair than they did! and as I did my years of extensive research on hair and ingredients I began to see that it could be more than just a hobby and I could actually make a living out of this so why not share what I head learnt with other fellow women?

Wash Day @ 4 Weeks Post

With my new workout taking its toll on my body, I’m unable to do my hair as I want to. Secondly, I just don’t feel like it.  All I’ve worn this week is one day of clip in extensions, four days of ponytail and buns. I know when my body gets well, I’ll be back in the game.
If you’ve been following me on my facebook, then you know I broke my no new product goal. The reasons are that I needed to clarify the hair since I don’t co-wash during the week plus all the sweat from the workout and product build can’t be left kin the hands of regular shampoo.

Ghanaianemprezz Shop Is Now Active!!!!

Diva and I have finally being able to get the shop up and running. To make it easier for you to have whatever product you desire, we have decided to run the following services
·Monthly Orders ·Daily orders Monthly Orders These orders will be taken at the beginning of every month and delivery is done  two weeks after the shopping window is open. That means, you have the first two weeks of every month to place an order and you get the product by the end of the month.  For those in Accra, delivery will be free regardless of the number of products you purchase! Daily Orders Daily orders are based on the products we have constantly in the shop eg the length check t-shirt which will be sent to you free of charge if you are in Accra. For now, the daily order shop is active!! We accept Airtel money transfer from all networks and Bank transfers.  When you make payments, we will have your name automatically registered on our system. All you need to do is to kindly send us the name you used for iden…

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner Review

Full Name: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture and Shine Conditioner    Price: 10gh, Max Mart, Legon opposite ECG; AnC shopping Mall, Marina Mall

Let's Talk: Is It Just Hair?

A cherished reader left this comment on the post The History of Black /African Hair(It's not just Hair).  Now, this is going to be perhaps our longest post so kindly grab a glass of juice, sit down comfortably and read on!

I think people put too much thought into the black hair/natural hair thing. Truly at the end of the day - it really is just hair. But then again, the lives and history we Africans in Africa have and the lives and history of Black Americans are very different. I think Black Americans have a lot of legitimate issues with their hair based on their history. However these are issues which are largely nonexistent to us black africans in Africa, (Rosina from Zambia, Southern Africa)

Keeping Fit: My Gym Journey!

Challenges are not my favourite but after nurturing my hair to this state, I've decided to fully concentrate on other areas of my life, most importantly, my fitness level. Last year, I began exercising with my SO which helped me loose weight but I want something more intensive.

May Goals And Major Hair Cut

Random Thoughts
During the L4LPSC, I made notes of my ends and decided to cut of about 1 inch after the challenge (See this link for the reason)
I did that on Tuesday, 30th of April after getting home from work. I went over to my stylist whom I’d already spoken to regarding what I wanted the end results to be. She was very helpful because she didn’t ry to dissuade me from doing so; not because she didn’t see the need for it but she’s come to trust in my judgments concerning my own hair.

I Got Featured!!!

Hello Guys,
Long time ,no see (my Ghanaian Broken English). I haven't posted in a while because my hair is in braids.I however hope to do a maintenace post soon.

I've got great news. I got featured on Be sure to check it out for more great pictures.
The whole experience was fun. I was a bit nervous at first as I've never done a professional photoshoot before.
I had banded my hair two days prior to the shoot. And when I finally took them out they were soo stretched that they looked like I had relaxed it(I really began to panic, sorry I mistakenly deleted the pictures).
 I had to reach out for some water which reverted my hair hair back to its original state,though still stretched out. What a relief that was!!!

I want to thank you guys for all the support you rendered to EmprezzAbena and I.
Thank you soo much for reading and contributing to our blog.

I'm having my Youtube 100+giveaway soon. I h…