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DIY Facial Scrub To Get Rid Of Acne In A Week!

You are wondering  what kind DIY facial scrub can get rid of acne, right? Let's  get the back story first. Because  the manetabolism vitamins gave me a bad breakout,  I had to revisit my facial routine that I'd neglected for weeks.  The one thing I endured was using the facial cleansers daily.  What was happening was the acne persisted. I had a eureka moment when I realized I didn't have a facial scrub and at this time of the week,  it wasn't possible  to go to shop to get one.  I had to create a facial scrub for temporal use.  That turned into my beat decision so far regarding my face. In my kitchen,  I had cinnamon  and baking soda as well as brown sugar.  I mixed these three up,  wiped the make up off my face and began the scrubbing.  I didn't measure each ingredient but I used a generous amount of each. I scrubbed for about 10 minutes.  The granules of the baking soda are quite gentle on the skin. A week later 12 hours later, the huge pimples had v


For my old readers, you would remember how I got into caring for my hair. It took a prayer out of frustration with my hair to log on to google. Six years down the line,  I've seen my hair thrive in the most unprecedented way. I believe in prayers and I know God answers my hair prayer each time. Even when I've cut it 5 times. Here's a video of Daphne sharing her hair prayer.

Why Biotin May Not Work For You

When you decide to jump on the biotin for hair growth trend, you may be disappointed by your results compared to others. The reason might be: You are not taking it as directed. Some require you take with food preferably with your main meal or others require you take with just a meal. Different dosage for each one. Each brand of biotin has a dosage to be taken. In addition, you may find that each dosage varies in potency too. Your body needs other Supplements you are deficient in to have the boost it wants. Switching full supplements like mane choice, nature's bounty, Mielle, beautifully bamboo among others will be of more benefit. Not drinking enough water translates into your body not being able to fully excrete excess  biotin. This leads to acne breakouts. Last one is about what your own hair routine. If you take all the supplements in the world yet your hair routine doesn't cut it, you won't retain any growth you get.