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How I Layer Products (Current skin care routine)

It doesn't matter what you purchase for your skin, if you can't make good use of it to achieve your goals, then, it won't be worth spending on such products.

How you layer your products is crucial because some ingredients don't work well with others and might end up damaging the skin at the long run.

For example, Retinoids don't have to be used with acids. It's safer to alternate them because acids work on a low pH skin whereas Retinoids are better hydrolyzed on neutral pH. For more, click here

Back to my current skin care products and routine.
During the day.
1. Cleanser
2. Manual exfoliating with a facial scrub
3. Toner
4. Hyaluronic acid which I sometimes mix with the moisturizer or just apply and allow it to sink before next step.
5. Facial moisturizer ( the beauty formulas age defying day cream)
6. A drop of vitamin E oil

The layering at this point excludes a few vital ingredients but I'll have serums and other oils in there as time goes on.

Night routin…

Collagen Type 1 and 3 for Hair Growth

On my lifestyle blog,, I've shared my 20 days of collagen for my skin.
I do know collagen affects hair growth too hence I'll be on the lookout out for the growth I can get.

I'm taking the msm vitamins but these two together will definitely be an amazing experiment.
As stated on the package, the body uses collagen and after a while, it gets depleted. By supplementing, I will be boosting collagen production in the body which will certainly trickle down to the hair too.

In the nutshell, I want to see the impact of this non biotin vitamin too just as I did for the msm vitamins.

How I Boost My Hair Growth Oils

At this time of the year, we are all still pushing for length and growth using our oils . However, if you are impatient like me, you may want to try this method. I, typically, use one oil at a time but I noticed that it makes it difficult to use up others and at the same time, deprive my hair of the benefits the other oils provide. Hence, I decided to combine all my hair oils again. The last time I did that was about 3 years ago.So, I mixed up all 6 oils - ESO scalp oil  Jamaican Black Castor Oil, flaxseed and black castor oil from Ecoco, Avocado and carrot oil, chebe oil and wild growth oil. The essence is to benefit from these products all at once!I saw some old pictures of my natural hair back in 2012 and I realized I wasn't on supplements at that time yet I did use a mixture of oils so that's what I aim to achieve again. 

Your can click Our shop  to purchase your oil too.I want to use the oil mix up within 6 months so all the best to me. PS : I have about a litre if the mix…

Chebe Powder and Retention Oils

The latest discovery is the Chebe powder which is used by women in Chad. It has been used for years to help grow and moisturise their hair.

To get it, just visit You can also call or whatsapp 0541458372 to order.

How To Moisturize Hair with Water

The basic hair tip you'll ever get is to moisturize  and seal as often as your hair requires.
The cheapest moisturizer you can ever use is water. However, the question is how do you use water as a moisturizer when you already have a moisturizer?The key to using water is using a spray bottle or applicator bottle. By doing so, you regulate the flow of the water easily. In my water, I add a variety of essential oils to it. That allows the double benefit of moisturized hair and enjoying the benefit of the essential oils on the hair and for me, mostly the scalp.To use the water, I spritz a bit on the hair before using the water to seal. The other technique I use is to add a little natural oil or even Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the water  and use after which I use a butter for sealing.