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CountryLife Maxi Collagen Plus Biotin

If you've not already visited the hair and skin shop, click on this link  Shop   fast because you are missing out on a variety of products for you. Be sure to also stay tuned because I'll be giving discount codes for only blog readers. Here are some of the products you'll get (I'll be reviewing more and more as the months roll out) After the msm vitamins, the one I'll be testing is the derma matrix.  This biosil has a ton of positive reviews especially for women over 40 so it would be fun to see how it works for us too.  You'll also get biotin in different strengths.  Do visit the shop as often as possible to grab your stuff.  It's been a long journey to this point but has finally got you the things you need.  Basically, I'll be using the first 4 products in the course of the year since I want to try biotin free vitamins for those who don't want biotin. If you wish to skip supplements, you'll also get

Hair Growth Vitamins With MSM and B vitamins

This is the next supplement I will be taking as the mane choice is almost done. During the second week of the mane choice, I got break outs smh. After the msm, I'll add collagen powder to review for you too. After that, I have natrol hair skin and nails vitamins as the last one for this year. By that time, I should have enough length to braid this year I'm officially over short hair. I've enjoyed it for almost 2 years and now I'm good to go with braids. I just want to keep my hoarding tucked away for the rest of the year to allow it grow out faster and retain more length. This natural hair journey has to be successful for me. I want to be able to wear buns and updos again. I'm 3 weeks post cut and I have about 1/2 inch of growth already! I'm hoping to gain more from the msm ; something that will make a huge difference because it has no biotin and I know a lot of ladies would love to see growth without biotin. As it stands now, the tablets are huge and wil

Nightly Green House Effect To Heal Scalp

I'm doing just 30 days of continuous green house effect using Jamaican Black Castor Oil undiluted. Today, 13th March is day 1. Wait. Why green house effect. Green house effect uses the body's own heat to create moisture in the hair and on the scalp. Castor Oil aids in restoring pH of the scalp hence using it together with the body heat is a great way to restore moisture to the hair as well as nourish the scalp. When the Emu oil arrives, I'll switch to that for the rest of the challenge. The green house effect therefore together with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil will be good but emu oil has a composition similar to our sebum hence based on that assumption, using emu oil will yield more effective results. After 30 days, I will review the two oils and determine how the scalp felt with either of them. Stay tuned to some interesting findings and updates.