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Dark and Lovely Hair refresher & Scalp wash initial review

I won the Dark and Lovely Hair refresher & Scalp wash in a give away. It won't surprise you to know that I've had my eyes on this line for sometime now. Well, God brought them to me on a silver platter when I won it in a give away hosted by dark and lovely GH. Here are my initial impressions about these products. [Youtube=] Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe to ghanaianemprezz so you don't miss a post!

L.O.C.method on 4C Natural Hair(TWA)

I've been using the L.O.C.method on  4C natural hair[my 4c hair]. The liquid, oil, cream method basically means using a water based product first, followed by creamy product and sealing with oil. When you start right, you end right. Since I'm fully natural now, it's best to give the hair all the nourishment it needs as it grows out. By the time it becomes a big Ass afro, the wouldn't be the need to suffer from dryness. That said, I've continued with the liquid, oil, cream moisturizing and sealing technique I was using when I had the relaxed and natural hair to contend with. The assumption was that if it worked for the natural and relaxed hair, then, now that there's no relaxed hair, it should work better. Indeed, I haven't been disappointed yet. I don't know how long my hair will love this method but I'm going with the flow for now. Here's a video demonstrating how I use the L.C.O method on my 4C natural hair -TWA. [Youtube=https://www

How I make forever Clair Skin care products work for me

I've heard ladies complain about the forever Claire Skin care products  not working for them. Well, I nearly became one until I tweaked how I use it and since then, it's been a jolly good ride. I started using the Forever Claire products in July 2013 or so. What I've been doing is to using a cleanser first before applying any of the products. Well, I discovered the reason why the product didn't seem to be working well on its own. When using the cleanser, I'll dab a bit of cotton in it to clean my face. Apparently, it wasn't the cleanser that was doing the work, it was the cotton. The cotton was getting rid of dead cells by acting as an "exfoliating" material. It was cleaning the skin surface. One evening, I skipped the cleansing and decided to follow Hubby's method of cleaning his face. I used my sponge to gently rub the FC product on the face. This face scrubbing technique left my skin feeling soft and smooth just like when I use the cotton and cl

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Sham…

You have seen the sheamoisture coconut and hisbiscus curl & shine shampoo  so many times in my wash days. In the review, I talk about the ingredients, if my hair likes it, and if it's going to be part of my stash. SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine Sham…: Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe to ghanaianemprezz so you don't miss a post!

How To: Take Down Braids And Weaves

How to: take down braids and weaves? When you are through with the beautiful weaves or braids, you are left with the nightmare of taking it down. That shouldn't be the case. See my posts on how I washed my weave . As one who uses extensions a lot, I've developed some techniques which I'm sharing with you today. Essentially, what you need are: bobby pin or roller pin to remove the braids Scissors to cut knots in the extensions Hair clips to keep the undone hair from tangling up Detangling mix which could be a detangling conditioner, detangling shampoo, or oils. Mirror to view the hair to guide you through each braid A towel or t-shirt for your neck so you don't get the bits of short extensions that come off all over your body Braids and Twists What I do is to cut off the tip of the extensions since those parts are the most tangled.  I section it so I can work on it one at a time. I bobby pin or roller pin to undo the braids one knot at a time. I d