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Carrot Juice Results+My Fabulous Cornrow Ponytail!

Honestly empresses, I can't stop counting in weeks 😁😁😁😁.
I haven't updated the week in review for 2 weeks, sorry about that. I'm now weeks post relaxer and I have some great news to share as you can see from the title.

The carrot juice was to run for a month but I did end up at day 20 because I finished the whole bunch meant for the month by the 20th. Smh. I go into details in the video. All about the changes in skin and hair too.
For July-August, the challenge is to hide the hair. I had a weave but that's another story. I had intended for a wedding but that didn't happen. Instead, I got my stylist , Rose, over to the house for cornrows which turned out so beautiful!
As part of the BC to Waist length challenge, I'll be doing mini challenges. We have a spot for 6 more people so if you want to join, drop a comment below this post and I'll add you.

Get all the details in the video.

How To Use Aphogee 2 Minutes Reconstructor On Natural Hair

My review of the aphogee 2 minuted reconstructor was when I had relaxed hair. Now that I'm natural, I still use it.

Even though natural hair is chemical free, there are other factors that might lead to protein depletion in the hair. For example, using a comb regularly can lead to protein loss. Also, too much moisture can cause moisture overload so you need to create a healthy balance. With the aphogee, I get to strengthen my natural hair too thereby preventing breakage.
I know a lot of naturals sing about moisture, moisture but having this bit of protein guarantees a well balanced moisture- protein levels.
How do I use the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor?
I share 2 methods and explain how to vi about it.


Skin Care Products Haul + GIVE AWAY"

Yes, ladies.
I'm so thankful for all your support! OK, let's do first things first.
Remember when I said I needed facial scrubs? Well, I picked up 3 scrubs; 2 daily ones and an exfoliating scrub.

I picked up the Nuage Skin facial scrub, Clean and Clear blackhead scrub and
exfoliating scrub. I also got Nivea soft to moisturize my face. I picked up Oil of Aloe body and face scrub too as well as Macadamia body butter.
In addition to showing you these products, I'm also giving away a coooolllll hair oil.
Watch and catch all the details!


My At Home Body Care Routine

In this post, I'm sharing how I get a glowing skin aside the fact that God gave me an awesome skin Lol.
I have a body scrub and a foot scrub I use 3x in a week. I prefer the body scrubs in the mornings and foot scrubs in the evenings for convenience sake.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="321"] My DIY foot scrub video is on my youtube channel[/caption]

I have a video of the foot scrub I make at home which should be up soon.
For my body lotions/creams, I use dove for dry skin on my body- hubby mistakenly picked that up. What we usually use is the Normal Skin one. As a result, I have a different lotion for the face- the Nivea soft
At night, I use Macademia butter after taking my bath. I love my simple routine!

My facial care routines

Hi empresses,
Today, I'll share the different routines I employ when taking care of my face. I have a few skin care products which you may know of if you've watched my reviews of the FC acne and hydrating washes.
Depending on several factors, my routine doesn't stay the same. OK, here's what I mean
When in make up
When I wear make up, I use a wash- for now, I have the FC hydrating wash, followed by a daily facial scrub. I've had some facial wipes I use first before the wash. If I have the acne wash, I'll probably use that more often than the hydrating wash to give my pores a good and thorough cleaning. The exfoliating wash also does a similar job. I know there are some make up removers there which I'll be trying. I'm incorporating the face wipes as they are the proper tools for removing make ups so grab one too. I have a video of my morning routine coming up soon so you can a better understanding of what I do.:)

When sis flow visits

Usually, I get small small…

Queen Helene Avocado and Grapefruit Masque Review

I've been sharing a few facial products with you for some time now. Here's is the review of queen Helene avocado and grapefruit masque which has bentonite clay.
I've had this masque for more than a 2 years! However, with the changes in my facial routine, I don't think it will be available by the end of the year.
I'd been slacking on it but since I got serious about getting a fresh, glowing face, I haven't looked back. It's been part of my weekly facial care routine and I'm glad to be using it the way it ought to be.

Don't forget to comment.

Forever Clair Hydrating Wash and Acne Wash Review

Back in somewhere May or June 2013, I took my facial care seriously and the first thing I grabbed was the Forever Clair facial products -see here which included the forever clair hydrating wash and acne wash.
Afterwards, I grabbed more and have since been using them religiously. Whilst most people complain about this line, I've found a way to make it work for me thanks to what I learnt about hair products. You tweak what may not be working and make it work for you-like me using my shampoo to bath when I hated it ☺☺☺. Anyway, it's the same story with the FC Beauty products and now, I really enjoy them.


How To Care For Natural Hair Under Wigs

Hi empresses, I'm sharing with you how how to care for natural hair under  wigs which  helps with growth and retention.

Even though I love weaves, I find wigs to be easier to maintain as well as giving me the chance to still care for my hair underneath it.

Wigs and weaves  are a great form of protective style. When you choose to use wigs, there's the temptation to just forget about your hair and allow it to be. Most people have come to use lace wigs, lace fronts and other forms of wigs as a means of protecting their natural hair or relaxed hair, especially during cold months. Well, in as much as you want leave your hair alone, remember that the wig can't moisturize and seal your hair nor wash it for you.

Just as you will wash the wig, oil and comb it, you need to pay attention to your own hair so it can thrive beneath the wigs. In doing that, you'll ensure that you derive maximum benefits from the wig as well as allow your hair to retain whatever growth you get.


I Used Up 4 Hair Products!

Here's my check on for the Use 1, buy 1 challenge.
I've finished up the ORS hairrepair shampoo. I had this for almost 2 years, right? I think so.😁😁😁. You can find my review here. I won't be restocking this anytime soon as I mentioned that I'll be using locally produced shampoos. I'll replace this with Eya Naturals shampoo or Body Butter one. You'll know when I buy them.

Second is the dark and lovely amla legend mask which I won't be replacing soon because of the support a sista commitment. I'll check out the sistas for a deep conditioner. Any suggestion?

Third is the FC acne wash which I will be replacing with a body scrub. You'll know which one soon. I have a few on mind. Any suggestions?
Last one is the roux porosity control conditioner.
I have the mandate to get any 4 new products I want which I'll definitely be utilizing.😁😁😁.
You know I'm done with the spring valley biotin but I've already replaced that with the nature's bounty H…

Wash day: Banding Method on TWA

Hi empresses,
I'm extremely happy with my new regimen/styling routine which involves also using the banding method which allows me to wash my hair whenever I want to and at the same time, protect the hair when I want to or wear it out. I'm glad I had this regimen so no more whining about my hair again.
I had to wash the hair this week as it's been 2 weeks since the last wash.
The Wash
[1] Prepoo: honey and coconut oil and covered with shower cap for some hours.
[2]Detangling: Cantu sheabutter for natural hair detangler
[3]Shampoo: Cantu sheabutter for natural hair cleansing cream shampoo
[4] Deep conditioning: mixed keracare creme humecto with Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and roux porosity control
[5] Styling: I applied kinky curly knot today leave in and sealed with Jane Carter Nourish and Shine for dry hair and dry skin. Then, I banded the hair to keep it stretched for the next day.

I had a cute Mohawk from the stretched hair but my phone just didn't want to capture that b…

Co wash and oil rinsing

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="485"] TWA[/caption]

When I decided to co wash, I had wanted to prepoo but that couldn't happen and that's when I got the idea of trying the oil rinsing method. I slapped the conditioner on the hair before I remembered Lol. However, there's another way to get that boost of moisture when you can't prepoo.
I generously applied Dove heat defence conditioner and followed up with a lot of coconut oil! That's the oil rinsing.
My hair was extremely soft with this two combination. Loved it.
If I can't prepoo, I still benefit from the oil rinsing.

This is my hair after a week.