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How To Use Aphogee 2 Minutes Reconstructor On Natural Hair

My review of the aphogee 2 minuted reconstructor was when I had relaxed hair. Now that I'm natural, I still use it. Even though natural hair is chemical free, there are other factors that might lead to protein depletion in the hair. For example, using a comb regularly can lead to protein loss. Also, too much moisture can cause moisture overload so you need to create a healthy balance. With the aphogee, I get to strengthen my natural hair too thereby preventing breakage. I know a lot of naturals sing about moisture, moisture but having this bit of protein guarantees a well balanced moisture- protein levels. How do I use the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor? I share 2 methods and explain how to vi about it. [Youtube=]

Queen Helene Avocado and Grapefruit Masque Review

I've been sharing a few facial products with you for some time now. Here's is the review of queen Helene avocado and grapefruit masque which has bentonite clay. I've had this masque for more than a 2 years! However, with the changes in my facial routine, I don't think it will be available by the end of the year. I'd been slacking on it but since I got serious about getting a fresh, glowing face, I haven't looked back. It's been part of my weekly facial care routine and I'm glad to be using it the way it ought to be. Don't forget to comment.

Forever Clair Hydrating Wash and Acne Wash Review

Back in somewhere May or June 2013, I took my facial care seriously and the first thing I grabbed was the Forever Clair facial products -see here  which included the forever clair hydrating wash and acne wash. Afterwards, I grabbed more and have since been using them religiously. Whilst most people complain about this line, I've found a way to make it work for me thanks to what I learnt about hair products. You tweak what may not be working and make it work for you-like me using my shampoo to bath when I hated it ☺☺☺. Anyway, it's the same story with the FC Beauty products and now, I really enjoy them. [Youtube=]

How To Care For Natural Hair Under Wigs

Hi empresses, I'm sharing with you how how to care for  natural hair under  wigs which  helps with growth and retention. Even though I love weaves, I find wigs to be easier to maintain as well as giving me the chance to still care for my hair underneath it. Wigs and weaves  are a great form of protective style. When you choose to use wigs, there's the temptation to just forget about your hair and allow it to be. Most people have come to use lace wigs, lace fronts and other forms of wigs as a means of protecting their natural hair or relaxed hair, especially during cold months. Well, in as much as you want leave your hair alone, remember that the wig can't moisturize and seal your hair nor wash it for you. Just as you will wash the wig, oil and comb it, you need to pay attention to your own hair so it can thrive beneath the wigs. In doing that, you'll ensure that you derive maximum benefits from the wig as well as allow your hair to retain whatever growth you get. P