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How to Texlax Your Hair

--> Properly "texlaxing," or gently underprocessing, your hair is an art. But done correctly, texlaxing can be extremely beneficial to your hair. This article will describe techniques for "texlaxing" your hair to perfection every single time.

What is Texlaxing?
"Texlaxed" hair is a term that was coined in the Internet hair world to describe a hair texture that falls between texturized curls and chemically relaxed, straight hair. "Texlaxing" is the intentional underprocessing of hair with a relaxer chemical, and is typically done to create volume, body, and texture in relaxed hair.

Popular Texlaxing Methods

There are many methods for texlaxing the hair, and most center around reducing initial disulfide bond breakage in the hair fiber. Disulfide bonds are the bonds that cause our hair to have a naturally curly, or kinky texture. Breaking these bonds prepares them for straightening in the smoothing stage of the relaxer.

An alternative texlaxing…

How To: Shampoo and Condition Relaxed Hair Properly

--> How can you shampoo and condition relaxed hair without causing damage? Relaxed hair doesn't necessarily have to be washed at the salon all the time. You can wash your own hair in the shower and style it afterwards. 
To wash your hair, it may be a bit tedious the first time but with time, you'll get the hang of it. When washing, remember to be gentle in order not to cause breakage. Watch and Learn from crystalroselove (I use a similar method in the shower).
PS: For those without shower heads, pour the water from your shower pail in the same direction to avoid knots and tangles.

Four Wedding Hair Styles For Locs


Seven Wedding Hair Styles For Loose Natural Hair

This is a small collection of videos of hairstyles for loose natural hair that can be used for that special day; WEDDING! Add your  flare to it... allthatsgold allthatsgold

There Is No Natural Hair Movement...

It is one of the most controversial topics for naturals. Here's sunshinelovespeace's opinion. 

What do you think?

Hair And Heat Usage

There has been varied arguments on the use of heat on either relaxed or natural hair. How does heat interact with our hair? What are the possible effects of heat on hair? How do you prevent heat damage? Find out more from 1mits1

Financial Literacy In Hair Care

I become envious whenever I get to read on products available for ladies in,especially, the US. Apart from the fact that there seems to be an abundance of hair care products, they tend to be very affordable.

Ordering for products into this country can cost three times the product price. The cost of shipping is enough to buy ten products for someone living overseas. Coupled with this problem is the issue of the unavailability of paypal services in Ghana which makes it difficult to make purchases. Visa cards and debit cards have charges that are, sometimes, twice the price of the product you are purchasing.

With all these challenges, it is important to have a level of financial literacy when caring for hair in this country. What will cost 1$, is about 10Gh which is quite on the high side. This means you have to take advantage of sales promos such as the one I posted on Gossip Train:#2. If you take advantage of this promo, you'll have enough cheap conditioner to tweak up for detangli…

How To: Start Your Own Hair Care

When I first discovered hair boards, I was so ecstatic! At last, my hair could get the TLC it needed. But, the question that popped up was," how do I start and with what? I read through other people's profile and eventually jotted down the following:
My hair journey is a personal journey.Every journey has a beginning and an endWhere I live determines what I use. My finances determine what products I can afford. My diet is key in maintaining healthy hair.Keeping the eye on the goal  helps in overcoming setbacks. Take some time to ponder over these questions because they will guide you in all the decisions you make in starting your own hair care. In the next post., I will expound on each point...

Stay Tuned!


Hawk Bun Protective Style For Work

Buns are easy to wear hairstyles that help with length retention, protect your ends from damage as well as prevent moisture loss. 
There are so many ways to wear buns in order to prevent bored and strain on your hair line or edges. This hawk bun is an elegant yet simple hairstyle. 
Watch and learn from MsRosieVelt. If you can't do it yourself, just teach your stylist to do it.

Natural Hair is Unprofessional? Or Is The Style The Problem?

Comments from some ladies who wish to go natural vary from what products to use to how professional it is to wear natural hair. Listen to what sunshinelovespeace has to say and share your opinion.

Growth Aids: Cayenne Pepper Mixtures

Cayenne pepper infused in oils is by far, the cheapest growth aid!.

Capsaicin is the primary ingredient found in cayenne pepper. Check out out the post Growth Aids:Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 Growth Serum for more on capsaicin.
Cayenne pepper increases blood flow to the scalp. The increased blood flow strengthens hair follicles, which results in stronger hair roots--ultimately leading to thicker, healthier hair.

One way to use this treatment is to mix 1-to-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper with 1-to-2 teaspoons of olive oil, creating a thick paste that you then rub into the base of your scalp and any balding spots. Massage the paste thoroughly into your scalp and hair and leave in for ten to fifteen minutes, covered with a shower cap or plastic bag. The olive oil will neutralize the heat from the cayenne. Remove cap, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. You can also leave the paste in your hair overnight if you wish to intensify its effect.

Growth Aids: Monistat/Daktarin Cream

Today's growth aid discussion is a yeast infection cream known as Monistat. In Ghana, the brand name is Daktarin which is meant for yeast infections on the feet.Other brand names include : Femizol; Vagistat; M-Zole; Micatin; Lotrimin, Micon 7, Monistat 3, Monistat 5, Monistat 7, M-Zole Dual Pack. Check  here for more brands! Do you want to experiment with it? What makes it work? How do you apply it? Read it here
chavascandy also experimented with the monistat and here is her result.



How to flat twist: Natural and Relaxed Hair

Watch CandidAnn as she demonstrates how to flat twist on natural hair and HealthyHairMisson as she creates the same style on relaxed hair

Staying In-Betweeen: Texlax And Thermalax

--> These two terms have different meanings but follow a common principle. Whereas texlaxing is deliberately under processing the hair during the application of a relaxer in order to keep some texture, thermalaxing (thermal texturizers, heat training), on the other hand,  refers to the deliberate use of heat on natural hair to slightly change the hair's texture for manageability.