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To Wash Or Not To wash Hair

The question on my mind right now is whether to wash or not to wash this hair.

I Co washed on Thursday but as I said earlier in one of  my posts,  air drying short hair isn't easy. So,  that leaves me open to a salon wash in order  get a roller set.
I'll keep you updated.

2 Ways To Make Hair Shampoo At Home

I know we all want to save some money so we are looking for  some recipes for a homemade shampoo.   The shampoo I recently made has just two ingredients- African black soap and honey.

You fill a cup or bowl with water,  add the black soap and honey.  Allow it to sit for about 3 days for the black soap to melt.
Method 2
If you are in a hurry,  rather put water on fire,  add the black soap and stir. That will melt the soap quickly. You can,  then,  add the honey to the soap.
This soap is also multi purpose. I use it as a facial cleanser and body wash! It works magic.

Protecting Your Feet During Harmattan

The harmattan doesn't only affect your hair and skin, you feet can be adversely affected by the dryness.

Our feet do a lot of dust collection as we walk therefore we need to clean it thoroughly. Given that we clean it up during bath time, we can go the extra mile to give our feet more attention to prevent cracks. You can't imagine how painful it is to have cracked heels!

First all, foot scrubs are your tickets to a healthy, soft feet this harmattan. Scrubbing the feet removed dead skin, leaving the feet soft and smooth.

After the scrubbing, a good moisturizing routine will be using Sheabutter or oil on the soles of the feet and the whole feet. This prevents dryness.
Lastly, wear close shoes if possible. That way, you feet is not even exposed to the elements.
The last time technique you can apply is putting on a pair of socks when at home or at the bed time. That ensures the prevention of moisture loss too.
What do you do to protect your feet during harmattan?

2015 Hair Goals Review

It's that time again when I'm wondering if I did well or failed.
First,  I failed in keeping the length. After this big chop,  I'm certainly in a bad state of mine regarding length. I'm pushing for shoulder length by June 2016 since I failed to  achieve that this year.

Aside this huge misfortune or mistake, I applaud myself for preventing any setback. Even my troubled edges have grown back. Therefore,  I won't be changing anything in the regimen. I'll continue  to go with the 80% moisture products and 20% protein.
Thirdly,  I got to try Mane Choice Manetabolism healthy hair vitamins and nature's bounty vitamins and I must say that both are worth having. However,  nature's bounty is less expensive so I'm sticking to  that. It's unfortunate that it's out of stock for now.
Lastly,  I managed to keep my product junkie tendencies in check. It's hard, people! It's so hard avoiding new products. When I get an income from this blog,  I might fee…

Grape Seed Prepoo Wash Day

The oil mixture challenge is still on and so I did a Grape seed Prepoo.
When I covered with shower caps to Prepoo,  I knew it was going to be a long wash but that wasn't the case.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Biotin "][/caption]

In the shower,  I applied crazy sexy cool conditioner and Eco Lesterol after washing with tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner.
I set out to apply kink curly Knot today leave in and L'Oreal heat serum and blow dried.
I love how smooth and sleek my hair turned out. The only thing missing is being able to put the whole head into  a pony. Hmm I can't emphasize how much a ponytail means to me at this stage. I wish I could throw the hair into a bun and call it a morning each day.  Patience is a virtue I lack -  you know by now. I'm giving myself up to January ending to hit this milestone.
I'm pretty diligent with the vitamins so I'm expecting some results. So far,  I've b…

Perfectil Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins one week

I've been taking the perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins to accelerate hair growth. I bought on the recommendation of some friends who said they saw improvement in their hair.  I've been taking it for a week now.
First of all,  it's so easy to swallow for the fact that  it's so small. It's also odorless so I can really see myself finishing it Lol.
The capsules is taken once a day therefore I can readily take it at any given time.

I can't comment about any growth in my hair till I'm done.

Glycerine Dandruff Treatment

I haven't suffered from dandruff ever since I started this hair journey but I know some readers have been suffering from this scalp problem even with good healthy hair practices so JC of naturalhavenbloom shows how to use glycerine for dandruff treatment- a simple recipe that can help treat dandruff. Basically,  dry scalp needs moisture and glycerine draws in moisture from the air. Since this application is on the scalp,  you'll need just a small amount of glycerine. Source: Naturalhavenbloom

This glycerine dandruff treatment is easy to prepare at home even during your wash routine. Here's the recipe.

The Recipe

DIY 10% Glycerin  Scalp Leave On Lotion

10 ml Glycerin/Glycerine
90 ml base* of your choice

*Base can be water or a leave in conditioner of your choice. For a water base add 1 drop of sunflower oil to the final mix. For a leave in conditoner base, avoid high oil containing leave ins especially if it is a natural oil.

1. Shampoo your hair and condition it as you woul…

Vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins Review

The reason why the Vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins review is coming in now is because I just finished the vitamins. Yes,  it's just 30 in it but I've taken close to two months to finish this vitaverz vitamins.

First, the packaging is cool; I mean it looks very nice and sleek. The main reason for my inability to finish the vitamins within a month was  because I hate the smell. Even whilst taking it,  it smells awful. After taking it,  the smell still lingers. This was a complete put off.  As a result,  I can't say it works so well but during the time I was consistent, I did notice less shedding and a bit of more growth.

It has a light creamy look with a herb like smell. The creamy look isn't appealing either LOl.
The tablet is also quite big so swallowing it isn't a smooth process. It literally touches my throat each time I take it. I also prefer taking vitamins with water but this vitaverz vitamins made me wish for something heavy  each time I was going to take …

Beauty Products Haul

I had to revamp my skin care routine and one of the things I lacked was body lotion so I did a small beauty product haul.  I have also been using a great homemade body wash so I'm hoping for  an awesome skin. The last thing you need this harmattan is a chapped skin and after working so hard on keeping the skin moisturized with my homemade body wash, I have to double up the protection with a good body lotion.

Where I did the beauty products shopping

Fortunately for me, there's a beauty shop close to my work place so I went in there to see what they have. I really liked the products but I changed my mind about what I wanted to buy when I saw some past favourites of mine. What I'd wanted to buy was Fair and White; a body lotion recommended to me. I haven't used it before but there were about 4 different varieties and I didn't know which one to select. There was a clarifying body milk which sounds like a toning beauty product. I'd wanted to pick that up due to the re…

Cooking oil On Your Hair

Have you tried cooking oil on your hair? Well,  I have.

I remember just doing so out of curiosity. What I used was frytol cooking oil- the one made from peanut or groundnut butter. I had run out of coconut oil, I think and needed to prepoo before using a shampoo which contain sulphates. I remember scanning my brain to find out which oil I could use. I went to the kitchen cabinet and frytol cooking oil was the first thing I saw! I poured some into my hands and it was quite thick. I prepooed with it for some hours . Unfortunately, I don't remember if I shared the results on this blog. What I recall is having very oily hair after the prepoo. It was worth trying though.

Now, after all these years, my definition of cooking oil goes beyond what we use in the kitchen. I don't use frytol again; I've switched to a healthier one, the sunflower oil. I might even move to coconut oil very soon for some basci frying eg omelettes. Most of us limit our understanding of cooking oil to vege…

Wash Day After Relaxer

Usually, the wash day after relaxer is a co wash but I didn't do that this time. After three days, I just had to wash; I usually would Co Wash a day after relaxer but this time, I wasn't up for that. I think familiarity breeds contempt Lol.
Anyway,  for those who requested that I share my relaxer process,  here's it.
I protected the previously relaxed hair with Sheabutter, I mean a ton of it to  prevent relaxer runoff.  She touched up only the new growth , neutralized and deep conditioned with ORS nourishing conditioner. Applied infusium 23? Leave in. That's just it.
I know I promised to show my results but honestly,  to get those few minutes in the morning is nearly impossible and evenings, I forget. I'll try and get a picture soon.
To wash(I was reluctant to do so), I Prepooed for about 3 hours with garlic onion infused oil. I used ors Aloe shampoo to clarify and Chelate, applied crazy sexy cool conditioner.

I squeezed the excess water out and covered with a scarf for…

Thanks To All My Subscribers/Readers

I appreciate you for  making time to read my blog posts as well as watch my videos.
Here's my message to you.


One Year of Give Away+Challenge + Grand Prize

Last year, the challenge was 20 weeks relaxer stretch. For the coming year, we are taking the challenge a little higher. 😘😘😘😘 The 2016 hair challenges will be divided into different parts. To also motivate us, there will also be random gifts to participants in the course of the challenges :):):):):):). Someone will get something for being part of the challenge.

😇😇😇😇 The most consistent participants at the end of the year will be entered into a draw with the winner getting 100gh worth of products. All these updates will be both on YouTube and on this blog.
😍😍😍😍😍 There will be a variety of challenges to spice things up so soak your sponge well Lol.

These are the 2016 hair challenges schedules

January - February
March - April
May- June
July- August
September - October
November - December
All you need to do16  is join in and share updates when you can.
All questions are welcome.