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12 Months Of Hair Boot CAMP

Esther 2

There's a boot camp currently underway  for ladies in Ghana. After years of this journey, I've decided to do more than just talk about hair.

I want to be part and parcel of people's hair journey so this challenge is all about active participation. By interacting with participants,  it will be easier answering questions and helping see their progress. 

Meet Joyce. 

More participants will be shown as the weeks roll by. 

The first challenge will be in October and details will be shared at the end of the challenge. However, in the course of the week,  you'll see updates about what each one does to their hair. 

You'll also get to see progress pictures and select the winner.

September Length Check

I haven't done a length check in a while therfore I decided to take advantage of the fact that the hair is out to do a length check prior to the Sulphur oil growth competition. 

With three months to go,  I guess I can push harder for more length.

Sulphur Oil Mix #2

Whilst I use the wild growth oil on my edges, I'll be using Sulphur mixed with 8oz of my oil mix in an applicator bottle.

The first time I used Sulphur was about four years ago and since then,  I haven't ventured into it again. I also didn't track the progress the first time. This time though,  I'll be monitoring it like a hawk. 

I'll be using it 4x a week on the scalp and also make sure I'm consistent with it for the next 3 months. I'm putting all my oils to good use. 

That means washing often in order to keep the scalp clean too. 

We are about 20 ladies partaking in this challenge thus you'll be seeing tons of progress pictures.

Wild Growth hair oil First Impressions

I've began using the wild growth oil on my edges. Yes, you know that's my first focus on.
For my scalp, I'll use something else.


It's not an easy to  tolerate smell at all! It smells like stew or mixed spices Lol. After use,  you wonder whether the one next to  you can also smell it.

Consistency is like that of cooking oil,  not too thick nor light. That's postive as you won't get it dripping down your face.

Easy to pour since the nozzle is small.

I'll do a full review after 12 weeks with updated in between.

Quick Wash Day

​After puffy air dried and uncontrollable hair, I decided to get a salon wash and set to tame the hair. I have my wash products at the salon already so I pop in whenever I want to.
She shampooed and then deep conditioned with Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask. Applied the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and roller set. 

The whole process took about an hour and a half.

I'll  washing twice a week these days to keep the hair presentable and also the use of Sulphur required frequent washing. How I wish I had the length now! 

Air drying long hair is much easier so until I get there, salon wash will be a great friend. 

In other news, I've exercised due diligence in applying the wild growth oil on my edges because I want to have a  comprehensive and honest review.

4 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

If I say I've been monitoring the days and weeks, I'd be kidding myself because I only think of my hair probably twice a day. Yes, I mean I can't even recall how the last wash day went Lol . That's going  to change this week for the reason that I'm using this time to prepare the hair for the harmattan when I won't be wearing  wigs that often. 

The Vitamins 

I'd wanted to take biotin alongside my women's vitamins but care has to be taken in order not to have negative side effects so I'm putting it on hold until November when I'm done with the current vitamins. 


I haven't noticed much growth this time obviously because I haven't been taking any hair supplements. This just shows the effectiveness of hair supplements in my hair journey. Usually, by week 4, the new growth is very thick and can't be easily seen. This time though,  it's like two weeks worth of growth. Since I can't take the hair vitamins, I have chosen a differ…

30 Days of Protective Styling.

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Protective Styling Challenge [/caption]

For the month of October, we are are going hardcore with protective styling.
As the harmattan sets in,  we want to keep our hair protected to avoid loosing all that we've gained during the year.
You can wear any style of your choice. However, these are the rules.
1. No tight styles like tiny twists aka Gari.
2. Ensure that you keep your scalp clean either with dry shampoo or washing.

Along with protective styling,  we'll be doing scalp massaging to increase growth. For those who can,  you may do inversion for 7 days.

I'll fall on wigs and buns with extensions during  the period for optimum retention. My ends will definitely be tucked in with any style. 

It will also be a good time to be consistent with your growth aid.

What Might Be Causing Your Dandruff?

Photo Credit : Google Images

Today's post is dedicated  to dandruff, a common hair woe that most of us battle with. If you are an exception, then you must count yourself lucky!

So what is dandruff?

Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes the skin cells on your scalp to flake and itch. Although it's not contagious, it is sometimes very irritating and quite embarrassing.

What causes dandruff?

The direct cause of dandruff is a rapid renewal of the skin cells on the scalp.

The human skin is composed of layers. The epidermis which is the outermost layer sheds off as new skin cells grow. As this process continues, the old skin cells fall out and  die off. This physiological process produces an amount of flaking which is normal and is usually invisible to the naked eyes. However, in certain people, this process is exaggerated and leads to excessive shedding of skin cells that accumulate on the scalp and clump together with the natural hair oils. The result is unsightly visible flakes tha…

Overnight Hair Growth Result

I washed the egg out after an hour or more with cold water and poured a generous amount of coconut oil on the hair, covered with a large shopping bag and a beanie to catch any drip.

By morning though, all those had fallen off leaving me with  dry hair smh. 

[caption width="400" align="alignnone"]The hair with the egg treatment [/caption]

I had to carefully do finger detangling first. 

Does the method work? Ah, well,  I didn't set off to measure hair here and there but since my hair has remained soft, I'll do it in October with a proper length check. In the course of the week,  I'll let you know if there's a change in the ponytail which will let us know if I gained some length.

Overnight Hair Growth Testing!

I got some free time and decided to wash the hair but without my deep conditioner at home, I chose to try the overnight hair growth bandwagon in the process of washing the hair.

My History With Eggs 

I don't see eggs as good deep conditioners but for the sake of this method,  I ventured into using my breakfast. The last time I used egg on my hair,  I didn't have any moisturizing products nor knew that much about deep conditioning with protein. I think you'll find that post by searching '' egg treatment ''. I ended up blow drying too I think and just got dry,  stiff hair. 

This Egg 

I used two eggs, about a tablespoon of oil and coconut oil. 

I beat the egg and oil and applied to dry hair in the kitchen sink. I didn't want any mess in the bathroom. I covered the hair with a shopping bag and an old dress to catch the dripping mix before I smelt of egg. 

After an hour, I'll wash it off. I didn't take a length check picture because I don't believe in…

Wash Day After Swimming

If you didn't know, I relaxed my hair two weeks ago and have since washed once or twice.

Before jumping into the swimming pool( I'm the worst learner Lol),  I protected the hair with coconut oil and Vaseline. When I got home,  I washed with Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and applied the Cantu sheabutter rinse out conditioner. I sealed the hair with coconut oil again. 

I skipped leave in because I felt the water in the hair was enough and the hair did stay moisturized until I got the crotchet braid.

Ways To Protect Your Hair This Harmattan Without Protective Styles

If you are like me and don't see harmattan as the time to wear wigs and weaves nor braids  then,  you have to develop a regimen that can provide you with moisture and fortify your hair against the  harsh winds and weather. 

The first thing I recommend is decide on how you'll protect your ends from the harsh  weather. You can wear buns or roll and tuck in styles. You can also do halo braids with or ponytail with extensions to keep the ends from breakage. 

You should also increase the moisture routines such as deep conditioning twice a week and sealing the hair with butters.

Another way to protect your hair without weaves and wigs is to do green house effect or baggying about thrice a month. 

My intention is to stop braiding when I can pull the hair into a good pony so if that  happens by December, then,  I definitely be weave and wig free for the harmattan like I used to do.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Braids

I did a post on preparing your hair for weaves a while ago and today, I want to specifically touch on how to prepare your hair for braids especially for this harmattan.
Basically, the routine for the preparation doesn't differ from that of getting a weave on.
1. Detangle your hair before going to the salon so the stylist doesn't mishandle the hair or use the wrong comb to detangle. This is especially crucial for natural hair. In addition to that, you have to also stretch your natural hair before getting to the salon because experience has shown that some stylist can't stretch your hair without charging extra or even creating more mess by using a hot tool to stretch without proper protection.

Deep conditioning before braids will provide the moisture your hair needs. Since your ow hair is going into hiding, it's best to give it a lot of moisture.
Choose the correct braid size for your hair. If you have thin hair and decided to get large plaits, you may add too much…

I Got A U Part Crotchet Braids

And it looks like a weave though the closure is what betrays it as a crotchet braid.

When life gets in the way, you can't help but adjust your routine accordingly. I thought I could wear my hair out to work but that proved to be too much work as getting the hair styled could take more than 10 minutes which I didn't and still can't  have.

I know my updates haven't been frequent but I'm quite tight with regard to even creating videos. I'm sure I'll be back in full swing very soon. 

I'm enjoying learning new skills and applying new techniques of teaching. I guess it can't be that smooth yet we can always find a happy spot to relax. 

Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

If you happen to love the beach side or pool side, then, you may have had salty or extremely dry hair after taking a dip in the water.

To protect your hair from the chlorine in the pool water,  you can use sheabutter or petroleum jelly to  prevent the water from getting into the strands - the kind of protection you give your hair prior to a touch up. 

I prefer Vaseline since it's very thick. I put some in  my supplies and add a rinse out conditioner. This is to wash the hair after swimming  before getting home. 

There are swimmers conditioners too -  saw some at max mart and other shops at the malls.

How do you protect your hair before swimming even when wearing a cap?

Wild Growth Oil

You know whenever I get a product, I make sure I have enough for others to also try.

We have in addition,  Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Contact us on 0541458372 

We have instanatural Argan oil, Humco sublime Sulphur, Cantu sheabutter leave in conditioner, and biotin.

Facial Cleansing Brush First Experience

Last night and this morning, I tested the facial cleansing brushes and I was pretty impressed with the results.

The brush has 5 different detachable heads. The smooth pumic stone like head,  the brush head,  a roller massage head and two soft foam heads for eyes and regular cleansing. 

The brush is very gentle on the skin as well as all the other heads. My skin felt clean and because the cleansing process is relaxing too,  my face felt  more relaxed. The massaging bit is quite good too. 

This has certainly driven me to purchasing one of the popular brands soon to get better results.

Foe the meantime though, this China one will do.  Lol.

The Facial Brush Dream Has Materialized

I think I began talking about facial brush some months ago and fortunately for me, I got one from kikuu. I'll be doing a review of them very soon.
The brush sold for 36gh but I had a 4gh discount so ended up paying 32gh with free delivery too.

I have just one facial product to purchase -  an alcohol free toner. I may splurge on some brands next month as I prepare my skin for harmattan. 

Now, I can't promise anything but I'll do my best to shot a video showing how I use the brush. A sort of demo and review at the same time. 

The Hassles of Career Wife

I recall back in senior secondary school a conversation I had with a classmate about our career. I remember telling him I wanted to be a career woman! I do know I had no idea as what it entailed but I intended it to mean work hard and pay my own bills Lol. 

These days,  women are more than career wives. I used career wives because even staying at home to care for kids isn't an easy task. After experiencing that, I can tell you that  at the end of the day,  be it office or home,  we get equally exhausted, frustrated and still have incomplete works for the next day. 

I just want a day off to sleep yet even that day has its agenda. My weekends aren't different from week day hassling so guess what? I'm a career wife 365 days.  From attending wedding,  funerals,  visiting friends to going on trips,  sometimes I'm left with just me and myself.

This year, my trips haven't been so much and that means boredom sets in with the same routine. 

Now,  let's add kinds to the equa…

Grow An Inch Overnight

The current bandwagon on YouTube is the use of olive oil and egg to grow  at least an inch of hair overnight.

I've watched a couple of videos that supposedly had the results in 24 hours! The whole process is equally very simple and easy to do but I have my own reservations about it. 

If you wish to do with me to prove its effectiveness or otherwise, simply get your products and let's do it. I'll let you know when I get the olive oil so we can do it.

Stop Remembering What God Forgot

When I'm down,  confused and the word of God seems hard to swallow or relate to,  I watch one of Terri's video and things get better. I get better view of the situation and get


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Aloe vera  is a short stemmed, succulent plant mostly found in tropical and subtropical climates. It has thick spiky leaves with a gel in the center.  Aloe Vera  is a household name that has gained so many accolades in the beauty industry. It is popularly known for its numerous benefits on health, skin and hair.

Aloe vera, apart from  being made of 99 percent of water, is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins needed to aid hair growth and prevent breakage.  Aloe vera gel cleanses, nourishes, conditions and strengthens the hair. It hydrates the hair by trapping in moisture (humectant). Glycoproteins found in this miracle plant help speed up healing by stopping pain and reducing inflammation. It is therefore helpful in battling scalp inflammation. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help improve scalp health, help control dandruff and reduce hair fall.

If it's harvested at home in its natural  form, prepare a quantity that will be used right away an…

I've Had This Dream Wedding Since I was a Kid

Prior to graduating from  the University, I had no idea what went into weddings  until my then boyfriend now husband took me to some weddings and got to consciously witness the whole celebration. 

I was so mesmerized by what I saw that I couldn't imagine what it took.  I'd never imagined myself in a white gown and all the pageantry that came with weddings. 

Fast forward to  my wedding,  I got opposite of what most ladies dream of. I had no dream wedding so I went with the flow and the circumstances and till date,  I cherish  every minute of the preparation and the  day itself. For me,  my wedding was on my terms and my husband's too. It's part of those things we agreed to agree on in every aspect. From food to clothing,  we had laid done our plans our way. We had family support but it was all within what the two of us wanted and nothing more. 

I keep mentioning the  two of us because it wasn't my wedding- it was our wedding and we did it our way. I'm proud to say …

How To Prepare Your Hair For Harmattan

I have a post on the best protective styles for harmattan and 3 tips for harmattan. In today's post, I rather want to focus on how to prepare your hair for harmattan so you won't have any need to stress over your hair.

These tips are what I also intend to do though some are applicable to those with longer hair than mine. 

Baggying your ends at leat three times a week will provide the ends with moisture. My hair isn't long so I rather fold the ends into the pony to protect it. By December, I'll be using the baggying method too. You can also use green house effect to provide moisture for your hair. The  September 2016 challenge is green house effect so join it. I'll be wearing  cornrows beneath my wigs but will still make use of Green  House Effect for optimum moisture. 
Get your moisturizing and sealing game on right  now ! I've discovered the Cantu sheabutter gel oil as a very moisturizing oil for my hair so I won't be dependent on the Cantu sheabutter lotio…

How To Finger Detangle Relaxed or Natural Hair

Detangling shouldn't be a hassle if you know how to use your fingers to aid you. 

I often talk about this technique and so decided to demonstrate it. Apart from  using conditioner and oils in the detangling process,  your fingers will not only guide you to remove knots quickly,  they will also help you separate the intertwined strands.

3 Tips For Extremely Dry Hair

As we make our way into harmattan, I'm sure we are going to see the resurrection of weaves, Senegalese twist, braids, wigs and more which will mean the battle against dry hair will begin. Eventually, it's going to be the battle with extremely dry hair. 

Extremely dry hair can  be the worst nightmare the quest for long hair because it leads to breakage and thereby causing loss of length. If this habit of extremely dry hair isn't curbed , you'll end up cutting off all your hair! 

In the video,  I give you some tips to help with extremely dry hair. These are tips I'll also be using at when I get to wear my hair out in a couple of months time. Yes, my hair is going to be hidden for the rest of the year. More on that later.

First Pony Tail for 2016

After cutting off the hair on 31st January , I definitely missed out on a lot of styles for the first part of the year but that has changed this September.

I'm able to put the hair into a ponytail which though not big,  is equally worth it. Aside most of the hair fiting into the pony,  it makes it easy to style on the go! I mean it take less than 3 minutes  to style the hair. This also means I may be able to  Co wash and still wear a pony the next day possibly even with the shrinkage. I'll that that when I'm 4 weeks post Lol. 

As the weeks pass by too,  the new growth is going to add more length therefore the pony is going to get fuller!!! I'll see how I can live in pony tail for a week. This is a new territory this year; I don't recall wearing pony tails last year because of the short pieces that resulted from a bad trim. If this ponytail works out well, my edges will dance for joy from not braiding  Lol. 

3 months to end the year so I'm going to very extra hardw…

Wash Day @ 3 Days Post Relaxer

I went to the salon and since I had my products there, she used her own shampoo, conditioner and applied dark and lovely leave in conditioner.

She used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz oil and I just let her do a side part. 

I can pull the hair into a pony but with some flu aways Lol. I'll try a pony tail with extensions and see how it turns out. 

Now that work has began,  I want to find quick yet chic styles to wear. The next relaxer will be somewhere in October. Since I can't take the hair vitamins this September, I'm going to be diligent with aloe vera on the scalp and  the aloe oil on the edges. I can still take biotin so I may add that to my women's vitamins.

Wash Day @ 3Weeks Post Relaxer

I went to the salon and since I had my products there, she used her own shampoo, conditioner and applied dark and lovely leave in conditioner.

She used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz oil and I just let her do a side part. 

I can pull the hair into a pony but with some flu aways Lol. I'll try a pony tail with extensions and see how it turns out. 

Now that work has began,  I want to find quick yet chic styles to wear. The next relaxer will be somewhere in October. Since I can't take the hair vitamins this September, I'm going to be diligent with aloe vera on the scalp and  the aloe oil on the edges. I can still take biotin so I may add that to my women's vitamins.

3 Ways To Prepoo Your Hair

Prepoo refers to Pre shampoo treatments done to protect the hair against absorbing too much water during the wash process. 

There are different ways to prepoo and each one depends on what you have in your stash and what your hair responds to. If you don't know which prepoo treatment to apply,  you can try all and see how your hair reacts and feels afterwards.

Beauty benefit of quail quail quail eggs.

Quail eggs are medicinal foods that have been used in Ancient Egypt, Japan and China for their potent healing benefits. They were used to treat asthma, sexual impotence, inflammatory conditions, digestive tract disorders, rashes, eczema, diabetes, hair loss, skin problems and more! In today’s industry, many facial masks and treatments especially Japanese and Chinese ones contain quail egg as a major ingredient. It is used to obtain clear complexions, treat acne and scars and tighten loose skin. The best part about quail eggs is that they are more nutritious that chicken eggs and can be eaten raw without fear of contracting salmonellosis. This is because quails have a higher body temperature than chicken and also quail eggs are resistant to germs since they contain more lysozyme which is effective in killing bacteria.

Check out these 7 beauty benefit of quail eggs.

1. Hair Growth & Volume

Did you know that quail eggs contain about 15 times more b-vitamins than chicken eggs? When it co…

Cinnamon Scalp Detox Mask

Cinnamon is so popular in skin care especially for acne and it will delight you to know that it's also a very great ingredient for your diy recipes. Today, I share a cinnamon scalp detox recipe to unclog the pores on your scalp which will create a healthy scalp foe hair growth.