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How To Achieve Your 2022 Hair Goals Faster

 How is it possible to achieve your hair goals ? Begin this December! You can’t set off on a journey unprepared. How would you achieve your hair goals when you’ve not set anything in motion. Assuming you want to hit armpit length, what are you doing to reach that goal? I know you may have done a monthly outline like I used to do. That usually works for a couple of weeks in the new year and then it crushes. To keep the momentum going means recreating and re-evaluation of your goals on a monthly basis. What if there is a smarter way to go about it? What if you use the month of December to try out what you want for 2022?  Let me share some samples.  Goals: Try new techniques and new products from three or four brands. Do more protective styles. Eat healthy. Limit use of heat.  How do you achieve these goals before 2022?  You want to probably use weaves or sew ins, braids, wigs, buns etc in 2022. Pause! In order to succeed, formulate your goal like this: Evaluate your 2021 hair styles. Wha