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4 Wash Day Tips For Relaxed Hair

There are a variety of things you can do  to enhance your wash day experience. Prepoo treatment is not overrated. I know some bloggers don't see the need but do what works for you. When I ceased doing the Prepoo, I into get the same moisturized hair. Use heat to deep condition. Unfortunately, I know getting a steam cap is a problem but do try to get one for your hair. It makes a huge difference . Air drying in sections helps stretch the hair and leave you with smooth hair too. I don't worry about too much shrinkage during the air drying. Use detangling products especially shampoos and leave in conditioners to reduce knots and tangles when manipulating the hair.

Wash Day featuring We Naturals hot oil treatment

I had to wash my hair but since I'd been getting questions about the We Naturals hot oil treatment, I decided to do a video of it. After the hot oil treatment, I washed with  Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and deep conditioned with Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask.  I used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and set the hair on flex rods. That  result was really good as usual. This kind of styling makes it easy for me to wear my hair out during the  week. I got to wash the  hair when I can and apply oils to the strands regularly.  [Youtube=] 

Scentless Hair Products

Ever since I fell ill,  my sense of smell has been  heightened, something I can't seem to understand. Usually, I'd apply a mild scented product just for the hair to smell good but lately,  fee absence of any scent is most welcomed. An example is the ors hairepair moisture cream that I still can't stand. I mean I used to think being pregnant back then was the reason for the dislike for the smell but now,  I'm definitely not pregnant. My nose just doesn't like the  scent though it's not unpleasant. When I pass my hands through the hair,  I'm glad I don't smell anything afterwards. I'm not sure if the sickness has anything to do with this change; I most certainly wouldn't want this to be permanent as I love my hair to smell good. Even my favourite cantu sheabutter lotion seems to put me off. I'll just ensure this and hope it's a temporal change.

Deep Conditioning for Harmattan Update

The first week of the deep conditioning for harmattan is over and I followed everything to a dot. Check out the first wash and the recent wash. What can I say? I'm glad I'm giving the hair the moisture it needs. I'm keeping an eye on moisture overload but at least most of my deep conditioners are balanced. The gelatine hair mask treatment was to provide the protein the hair needs. Gelatine is said to contain hydrolyzed protein which was the purpose for the mask. Overall, I look forward to more gelatine hair mask treatments.

10 Hair Products Worth Buying (2015 edition)

For ladies on a budget like me, spending on a hair product should be an investment worth our money so I've put together 10 hair products worth buying this year. Tresemme conditioners: For their size and price, these are worth it 2. ORS replenishing conditioner  this can last a full year of weekly washing. Hello Hydration   We Naturals hemp Shampoo A little of the Hemp shampoo as I mentioned in the review goes a loooong way. That is my top shampoo now. We Naturals Hot Oil Treatment : I love this product so much and I know it won't disappoint you too. Jamaican black castor oil : This oil is multi purpose and even the 4oz can last you a full year Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo large bottle. This shampoo is also very moisturizing too. Makola virgin coconut oil: mine lasted almost a year and a half with regular use and that includes daily use for oil pulling. ORS creamy Aloe shampoo is a multipurpose shampoo as I've mentioned in this video . Dark and Lovely Hair refresher

EYA Naturals Leave In Lotion Review

Hi empresses, I'm very excited about this eya naturals review because a lot of you have requested reviews of our locally made products. This was actually the first local made hair product I tried and it didn't fail me at all. In this review, I talk about the price, availability, where to buy it, the texture, effectiveness and how my hair responds to it.