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Can You Wash Relaxed Hair Once A Month?

When naturals go for weeks without wash, it seems to be the norm. A few years ago, I wondered if I could skip washing my relaxed hair for a month due to the stressful schedule I had. Well, it's sad to say that I was too scared to try it and with time, I eventually cut the hair due to improper care.  Today,  though,  I have a different mindset. I do think you can go a month without washing but it depends on the regimen you have,  the state of your hair as well as how you protect your hair. I mean it's easy to skip washing if you ask in weaves but if you wear your hair out daily,  how can that be possible?  I though of a few products that can help with this.  Dry shampoo can help clean the hair and stretch your wash days.  Moisturize and seal with light products. For me,  I'll be using a bit of  the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and seal with oil mix once a day.  Green House Effect or baggying method can also keep your hair moisturized

Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil Grow Hair?

We continue with search terms that pop up and here's another interesting one. Does Jamaican black castor oil grow hair? The answer I'm going to provide to this question is based on my own experience. Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco has been a popular oil within the hair community. I started using the regular castor about 4 years ago. Now, I use the Jamaican black castor oil because there were claims that it was more organic than the regular or pharmacy castor oil. Well, I can definitely say that if you are consistent with jbco, you'll sure experience faster growth. I've used it to regrow my edges and though I haven't been consistent with it on my scalp, I can attest to the regrowth of the edges. I don't like the tingling jbco; what I had tingles so I didn't want it on my scalp. However, the tropical Isle brand doesn't tingle and that is what I used to regrow my edges. I'm on a castor oil challenge but haven't been consistently using it. I have

3 Easy Ways To Get Free Hair Products

Who doesn't like free stuff? Certainly, all of us love freebies. When you set your eyes on a product and you start budgeting for it, the waiting time can kill 😂😂😂. So, how can you get free hair products? Give Aways Bloggers Your favorite bloggers have give away contests that affords you the chance to win products. Just follow give away rules( like mine) and you are on the way to winning products! Manufacturers The good old ways of getting freebies just got better even for our Ghanaian hair products. Our sisters are creating a variety of hair and skin care lines that will certainly get you daydreaming about them. All you need to do is follow them and support them. Vendors Also, sellers do give aways so don't miss them too. You get to do a few things like share a post but hey, it's worth it! Some of the products you win are simply too expensive to miss. Swap You don't need to tweak and make sure every single product works for you by hook or crook. Why not swap or excha

Difference Between Prepoo and Hot Oil Treatment

[1] The difference between Prepoo with oil and hot Oil Treatment? To me, the basic difference is that prepoo with oil is done before shampooing whereas hot oil treatment can be done any time without necessarily having to wash the hair. [2] How do I  protect previously relaxed hair before relaxing? I use either sheabutter or my oil mix. I use roux porosity control conditioner when I have it. You can also use regular vaseline to protect the scalp and the already relaxed hair. [3] What i s your favourite moisturizer? So far, the African pride olive miracle anti breakage moisturizer lotion. [4] Why do you use a sulfate free shampoo? I was curious to know how it will reduce dryness considering the absence of sulphates which dry out the hair.

How To Wash Your Own Hair: Roller Setting Techniques

It's the last part of the series on how to wash your own hair. If you don't want to air dry or not a fan of air drying, you can do your own roller sets. Yes, it's possible to put in rollers all by yourself! mskibibi CoCogLam22

How To Wash Your Own Hair: Air Drying Techniques

This is second part of the series on how to wash your own hair. After washing the hair, you can choose to allow the hair to air dry; that is, without the use of hooded dryer or blow dryer. Four methods are illustrated in the videos below. Scarf method by HairliciousInc