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Product Review: Eya Naturals

Hi loves! I trust we are having a great week. This week I decided to make a review of some products from Eya Naturals in response to a special request by a cherished reader. 😘 These are specifically Eya Naturals detangling conditioner, black soap shampoo, leave - in conditioner and Aloe vera hair mist. Disclaimer I bought these products with my own money. I wasn't paid to make this review neither do I intend to make any monetary compensation by doing so. The opinions about these products were objectively made devoid of any bias. The purpose of this review is to share my experience but does not however serve as a guarantee that they may or may not work for you. Eya Naturals Black Soap Shampoo Description : This product is formulated with the time honoured african black soap and coconut oil to hydrate and condition the hair while you shampoo, to help reduce breakage, and promote growth. African black soap is known to thoroughly cleanse the hair and skin. Coconut oil is known to hydr

Affirm Semi Permanent Black color Review

Looking for an awesome semi permanent color? Check out my review of the affirm semi permanent color for how it  worked for me.

ORS Hairepair Invigorating Shampoo Review

In this review, I share how where I purchased it, how I use it and how my hair responds to it. Do support my channel by subscribing!

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave In Review

Finally, I've shared my impressions about this leave in

Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Relaxer Review

Full name: Dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating ritual No-mix No-lye relaxer Regular/ super for normal to coarse hair. For ladies that can't view the video, the text review is below the video.

Product Review: Aussie Moist Conditioner

Ok ladies, here is my review of Aussie moist conditioner. Leave your comments, suggestions and questions in the comment section.

Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In

Full name:  Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. Price : 35-45 depending on the store (ghanaianemprezz shop:call 0541458372) How I use it: After air drying: I use it on 70% dry hair Before roller setting: Apply it after rinsing out deep conditioner and before roller set Moisturizer: Use it on totally dry hair and seal with oil sometimes at night and others, morning. Leave in treatment: Apply on dry hair, cover with shower cap overnight. Likes: Description Ingredients: Directions : Great SMELL!!! I love the smell of this product; not too strong and not so mild too.  Very moisturizing: my hair responded so well to it the first time I used it which was at the salon; it got my stylist to request for on!! On nights I use it for Green House Effect, I woke up with very soft, moisturized hair! Thickness: Not too thick, creamy so you don't have to worry about it pouring away in your back:)  A little goes a long way even tho

Product Review: One Step Leave In

  Full name : One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner Cost : 8gh Cosmetic shops What it claims : One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner is a must leave in styling conditioner for natural and chemically treated hair. This is multi-action formula leaves hair softer, easy to comb, smoother cuticles, stronger and vibrant. It repairs hair where needed most, leaving it healthy looking, shiny and manageable. Directions : for daily use- pour a generous amount into palm, rub hands together and work from roots to ends, style as desired. After shampooing, relaxing, or colouring-towel dry hair and apply a generous amount to wet hair. comb through. Do not rinse out. Ingredients: (first five) water, gylcerin, olive oil, mineral oil, polyquaternum-32 etc How I use it when moisturizing, daily or once every two days, I apply it to dry hair and seal with my oils After washing the hair, I apply it as a leave in to either wet hair if am at the salon or semi dry hair

Product Review: Vatika Coconut Oil

It's finally here! I talk about the consistency (thickness), smell, how I use it and the results I get from it plus whether I'd continue using it or not! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, share for more videos!! What are your thoughts? Emprezz

Product Review: Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment!

My views concerning the Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, comment or share!!! Thanks for watching! Emprezz

Product Review: Vitale Hair Growth Serum

Ok. Remember my post on this product? I bought it and put up a sort of initial review but never came back with a feedback. By request from (Stella of ), I'm going to give my thoughts about this product. Check the initial review- Growth Aids Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1  for its ingredients and what it promises. Note: I used it till the last drop.

Product Review: Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream

I have been using this product for months and I think it's time to share my experience with you. A good number of ladies have raved about how effective this product is and in my quest to find a moisturizing deep conditioner, I chose to give it a try. Price :Ghs10.00,  Madina market (Also available in most cosmetic shops)

Salon Review: Total Trans4mation Beauty Palour

If there's something I've learnt about salons in Ghana, you can only be safe when you already know what you want, you can't rely on the hair stylist to do what is best for your hair. However, when I discovered Mrs Emelia Demor-Grunitzky of total trans4mation beauty palour, I knew I was in for a good time.  I found her salon when I was searching for a place to get my acrylic nails done. I,actually, saw a signboard advertising a salon and decided to follow the arrow direction.