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Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Relaxer Review

Full name: Dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating ritual No-mix No-lye relaxer
Regular/ super for normal to coarse hair.

For ladies that can't view the video, the text review is below the video.

It's Healthy Hair Meet Up Time Reminder!

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Relaxer Update: Last but One for the year.

This relaxer went very smoothly; better than I anticipated.
The reason being that I was using a different relaxer,- dark and lovely amla legend no lye relaxer( will post a full review this weekend).
1. I had done a protein treatment during my last wash so the hair was strengthened.
2. I had been using only oils on the hair because I wanted to be prepared for any on the spot decision to relax or braid
3. My stylist parted the hair into four sections and applied the relaxer to only new growth using the dark and lovely amla legend scalp protector.
4. Applied the dark and lovely amla legend no mix no-lye relaxer and smoothed it once with a comb.
5. Sat down for some minutes and rinsed.
6. Applied dark and lovely amla legend 3-in-1 shampoo and rinsed it off.
7. Applied dark and lovely hair mask and left it on for some minutes.
8. Applied MVP leave in and sheabutter.
9. Roller set.

Basing the scalp with scalp protector

Wash Day: Possible Relaxer Prep

Because am still on the fence about relaxing. I rather feel more inclined to get the hair tucked away again. Whichever way, I did use a protein deep conditioner to strengthen the hair for either situation.

[1] Prepoo: overnight with virgin coconut oil

[2] Shampoo: ors hairepair invigorating shampoo.

[3] Protein: Kanechom chocolate for 30 minutes. Rinsed and towel dried for about 5 minutes.

[4] Leave in/Sealing: beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in mixed with glycerin and ORS hairepair vital oils.

[5] Styling: Airdried.
My hair was very soft and smooth. Am not a fan of glycerin yet somehow, I came across other relaxed ladies who use it successfully which prompted me to give it a try again. I'll see how the hair feels during the week.

In other news, my edges are in such a terrible state that if I don't faithfully apply jbco, my postpartum shedding at those places will be horrific. Now that am back home, am trying to use it daily.

I'll also be making onion plus garlic …

Co Wash + L.O.C Method

Hmmm, it's been ages since I co washed and it felt good to do it!
I used Aussie Moist Conditioner [see my review on] which I left on for about 5 minutes. After rinsing, I added ORS hairepair vital oils and then beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in. I can't tell if my hair feels any different from the usual liquid, cream and oil method. I will use the former for a while to have a better judgment.

I airdried and simply combed the hair to remove tangles.

Am still unsure of when I'll relax; I so much want to co wash and most importantly do more prepoo treatments with coconut oil that I have the urge continue this stretch.

How's your hair doing?

Am still on the fence about relaxing

My Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Mix

Lately, dealing with protein- moisture balance seems to be a dicey thing for my fellow hair pilgrims.
Haven struggled with this same headache for years now, I do understand the frustrations that come with finding the perfect balance.

For the past 6 months, I haven't had any negative encounter with protein overload. To achieve this, I've stuck to using a purely moisturizing deep conditioner- keracare humecto. I mean absolutely no protein in it nor the Aussie moist conditioner.

My mix

Keracare humecto [see my review here]

Aussie moist conditioner (catch my review here)

Almond oil
Hemp oil
Olive oil

I will be getting other "pure" moisturizing deep conditioners if I come across one. I've seen some mizani products in a shop; will check it out.
What is your moisturizing deep conditioner mix?

Wash day: 6 weeks post relaxer

It's been quite a learning experience having a baby and am glad I tucked the hair away during the transition from pregnancy to labour and aftermath. The cornrows served me very well.

Anyway, since am wearing my own hair out, it's prudent to get rollersets to stretch the new growth. I want to avoid direct heat so salon wash has been the go to saviour. This week's wash went pretty well.
1. Prepoo: Overnight with virgin coconut oil.

2. Shampoo: ors hairepair invigorating shampoo.

3. Deep condition: Treated the hair with Dark and lovely amla rejuvenating mask under hooded dryer for 15 minutes

4. Colour Treatment: Used affirm semi permanent black colour and sat under hooded dryer for almost 10 minutes.

5. Shampooed and used regular conditioner for final rinse.

6. Leave ins: Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in and Aussie hair insurance leave in

7. Rollerset: using just water and pink rollers.

8. Sealing: virgin coconut oil

I might just add 6 more weeks to the stretch with…

Hair Update: New Deep Conditioner

I intended getting the keracare humecto or ors hairepair nourishing conditioner or queen Helene cholesterol but that failed. I didn't use the route to the shop I was to get them from and neither could I get it from the mall. Actually, the shop at the mall had only the small keracare humecto which won't last me 3 washes lol.

Somehow, the dark and lovely amla legend deep conditioner was available at shop rite so I grabbed it.

Am still not at home so my wash day the previous time was minus deep conditioning. I'm going to continue doing salon wash now that I have the deep conditioner.

Have you used this product before? What is your impression?
PS: I'll announce the winner of the give away soon!

Meet Baby Jaden!

Yes, I'm a mother now! I know that is quite surprising as I haven't dropped any hint whatsoever of being pregnant.

Well, you know my hair story and progress so far hence there's nothing new to share.

However, I'll be focusing on growth because postpartum shedding might hit me and I need to prepare. The direction of my hair journey in the coming months will be minimizing setbacks.

GHEZ Flaxseed Give Away!!

Flaxseed is used in preparing gel for twists, braids, twist outs and braid outs on either natural or relaxed hair. The gel derived from the seeds is organic-natural. I'm sharing my supply of the flaxseed gel so you can also enjoy the benefit of natural gel.

Please read the terms and conditions.

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