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March in Review; April Goals

So soon! See here for February Goals and here for March goals.
How did I do?
1. Keep using Jbco (done)
2. Continue with vitamins (done!). In fact, I restock them on a monthly basis so am doing pretty well with the intake. 3. Steam the hair (done!) I used the Secura O3 Facial and hair steamer and it felt good. I look forward to more sessions with it and to do a review around June when I have more length to experiment with.

First 2014 Product Purchase: Elasta QP Olive Oil Mango Butter Moisturizer

Elasta qp mango butter moisturizer has been added  because s curl moisturizer is very light for my hair. My hair loves thick, creamy products so I needed something thicker than s curl.

This is my first purchase of the year and am glad it's a necessity and not a want. I've surprised myself with the no new products unless necessary or replacement policy as it's  steered me in a new direction- no product junkieness! I am still on the look out for ecostyler gel for these stubborn edges and that's the only product on my mind.

My no purchasing habit this year is going to continue till the 31st of December when I lift the ban due to the fact that by then, I'd have emptied the current stock to make room for a few new products I want to try. These are basically 3: rhaussoul or bentonite clays, curl creams and more natural oils.

Final Goal Achieved: Crotchet Afro Hair!!

--> Watch and get all the details of how I got it done, what I used, and how I intend to care for it.

April Hair Growth Challenge!

Thanks to all the ladies who made it through the first part of this challenge! It's time for the Second part and the rules have slightly been modified.


*Apply or Use your growth aid daily. It could be oils or vitamins.

*Check in every Sunday of the month of April- share your progress, what you did, didn't do, wish to do, wash days among others
*Keep your ends tucked away the whole month. You are allowed only to wear the hair down ONCE in the month.

For those who wish to join in this second part, you can do so. Simply post your starting length on my facebook page or join us on our whatsapp group!

Co-Washing; Does It Really Clean Your Hair?

--> Shampoo is designed to remove oil and dirt ( dirt in the form of particles, dust, lint etc stick to the oil coating on hair). In the process of doing this, shampoo can make hair feel dry. This effect has prompted some naturals to take up conditioner washing or co washing as it is popularly known and even go as far as just washing hair with water only. 

Catch all the details here

Box Braids: Week 2 Update

--> Missed the week 1 update? Catch up  here
For week 2, I was consistent with Jamaican black castor oil. What I did was to apply it first thing in the morning-well, at least before I started my day's chores. I got the style changed but didn't take pictures, I forgot to do so.

For my multivitamins, I've been very consistent with it since the beginning of the year and that isn't changing till the end of the year. Am truly impressed with my progress with the hair and want to keep it up!

I haven't used my spray bottle mix yet but I've scheduled it for this week. Moisture is essential in preventing breakage in extensions thus, am not going to slack on that regardless of the laziness that has engulfed me.[See my video on how I moisturize my hair in twists/braids]

On a different note, I've been missing my length and wash days which is due to the fact that I have tons of products I wish I could use. However, I know it won't be long when I can get back to…

Guest Post:How to Handle Hair Extensions For A Perfect Look

By African Queen
When it comes to fashion and beauty, to play around with hair length and style is one of the best and most amusing things. These are the occasions where hair extensions become your best friend. Those who say they are expensive or that they look tacky don’t know what they’re talking about, nor how to handle them. If chosen and treated correctly, extensions will blend perfectly with the rest of your hair, for a perfect look. So let’s explore a bit more in depth the world of hair extensions.

Do Bentonite and Rhassoul Clays Really Clean Hair?

--> You can indeed clean your hair or to be specific, remove oil from your hair with bentonite or rhassoul clay and the level of removal is similar to co-washing! How? Read more

How to Create a Full High Bun Using Kanekalon Hair

by courtnea2001. I  know a lot of ladies struggle with buns especially with short hair. Well, here's a great tutorial on how to create a nice bun with kanekalon.

This is the tutorial

One Week Box Braids Update

So far, so lazy lol.

Yeah, I've been very lazy with applying Jamaican black castor oil- just once during the week. I intend going back to at least 3 times a week because the current braid style makes it difficult to apply it and because I don't want to wear the hair down, that's the viable option now.

Apart from that, I will take down the style tomorrow to redo it which will give me the opportunity to spray some leave in mix to the roots. I don't think I'll be wearing the hair down untill the last week of March just to keep it off my mind-thinking about everyday styling isn't fun.

The hair growth challenge is in it's second week and ladies have been quiet up to the task. I have seen some progress with some ladies too. Keep up with daily updates on my facebook-
Till the next update, don't forget- healthy hair every second is the goal!