3 Tips For Moisturizing and Sealing

Because the weather is pretty much dry, moisturizing and sealing is essential at this time of the year. 

Last night, I co washed and went to bed with the wet hair. This morning, my hair was dry and crunchy and couldn't understand why.

I skipped leave in conditioner and applied dark and lovely amla legend  oil moisturizer and then the cantu sheabutter hair lotion and sealed with coconut oil. Now, my hair was crunchy prior to the products and it was a not damp after using the lotion so I couldn't style it. It took about 10 minutes for the products to soak in but my hair was so soft and moisturized. The water from co washing had hydrated the hair before the moisturizing. My hair feels very thick and smooth and as a result I've learnt three tips that will take your moiayrizong game to another level.

  1. Moisturize and seal as soon as you wake up to give your hair time to absorb the products.I intend using a shower cap to facilitate the absorption. The products will be absorbed before you move out and you can style quickly. 

  2.  You can use more than one moisturizer. Haven used two moisturizers simultaneously, I can definitely see the added benefits. Water based and oil based moisturizer is a good combination.

  3. Seal the hair with a tiny  bit of oil or butter to avoid oily hair. I used just a small amount of the coconut oil to seal and my hair wasn't weighed down.

These tips about moisturizing and sealing will help your hair to retain moisture.


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