Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and Age control Night Cream

The last time I did an intensive facial cleansing was about a month ago. After that,  I haven't used a scrub so why didn't I get breakouts like I do when I don't use scrub? I believe scrubs unclog blocked pores but if the pored aren't blocked in the first place,  then,  there won't be any unclogging.

What's the secret?  The new facial moisturizers I use.
I use the Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and age control night cream.

I've been consistent in using just these two on face and those who also purchased it, love it.
My face has remained smooth and acne free even without scrubbing so imagine the joy I have.
I'll be using scrub every now and then as a maintenance routine.
The day cream is lighter and smells great too.  I focus is on the eye area and the  eyes have  felt and looked more moisturized.  Even though I still plan on getting an eye cream and vitamin C facial serums,  this cream is filling that gab quite well.

The night cream is thicker and also smells fresh but more milder. Probably the thickness has to do with oils in it to revitalize the skin.
This combination has been a life saver and unless something new comes in,  I'm sticking with them. The other thing too is they are affordable!
You can Whatsapp 0541458372 to get one.
How's your skin? 


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