How To Achieve Your 2022 Hair Goals Faster

 How is it possible to achieve your hair goals ? Begin this December!

You can’t set off on a journey unprepared. How would you achieve your hair goals when you’ve not set anything in motion. Assuming you want to hit armpit length, what are you doing to reach that goal? I know you may have done a monthly outline like I used to do. That usually works for a couple of weeks in the new year and then it crushes. To keep the momentum going means recreating and re-evaluation of your goals on a monthly basis. What if there is a smarter way to go about it?

What if you use the month of December to try out what you want for 2022? 

Let me share some samples. 

Goals: Try new techniques and new products from three or four brands. Do more protective styles. Eat healthy. Limit use of heat.  How do you achieve these goals before 2022?

 You want to probably use weaves or sew ins, braids, wigs, buns etc in 2022. Pause! In order to succeed, formulate your goal like this: Evaluate your 2021 hair styles. What worked and what failed? The particular style you loved should be your go-to style for 2022. Don’t experiment again! If no style helped you, go for buns. They are the easiest styles to use to retain length. Once you decide on the style, begin the year with that style. It sets the tone for immediate success. You will retain length faster too!

Tip #2: Since you want to test new brands, figure out the exact products you want to try. Be sure to watch reviews pertaining to your hair type eg natural or relaxed. Check out alternatives to that product as well as reviews. Now, check if the product is on sale so you can snatch it this December! Else, just grab it so you can begin the year with your products set. 

Tip #3 When it comes to diet, you need to understand what contributes to your overall health and pay attention to that. If you want to invest in supplements, it’s good to begin the year with one. Read about the seasonal fruits and prepare towards it. 

Whatever you want to achieve next year, begin this month!

Here is the summary of the live session I did on Instagram 

Live tips

  1. Look through 2021 and find the style that worked and stick to that for 2022. 
  2. Check the products you’ve used. What worked? Restock it for 2022 so that you have it all the time. If you can’t find that brand, consider alternatives eg moisturizing shampoo. 
  3. Stock up on moisturizers/ leave ins and clarifying shampoo and deep conditioners and braid spray 
  4. Cut down on diy - don’t experiment so much 
  5. Pay attention to your ends and stop doing small small trims and go for a cut 
  6. Begin your supplements early , this December 
  7. Try a bond repair 
  8. Do more prepoo treatments 
  9. Allow your hair to breathe: limit new products 
  10. Be sure you have a bonnet, not just for sleep, for treatments etc but for home use. At hospital too
  11. Have a journal to note trims, treatments etc 
  12. Don’t wear your hair down 
  13. Switch your regimen to suit the season eg less moisture during rainy season 
  14. Don’t compare yourself to others 
  15. Spend time when moisturizing and sealing 
  16. Stay away from blow drying and straightening 
  17. Have peppermint essential oil 
  18. Keep your scalp healthy eg detox more eg clay treatment 
  19. Try high end brands , at least one and even so called Caucasian products 
  20. Find an accountability partner


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