How To Comb Natural Hair After Braids

Let's do away with the cornrows and braids preparation and installation  and focus on how you comb the hair after take down. 
Many ladies have trial and error with products and techniques to find what works for them. The basic step is finger detangling first to remove knots and tangles.  Some continue to finger detangle with the comb under running water. Experiment and see which one reduced breakage for you.  If you don't wish to wash,  just finger detangling and the oil will get the job done. Warm oil such as coconut or olive oils make detangling quite stress free. Leave your hair in sections too after removing the knots and tangles. 

  1. Finger detangling first 

  2. Apply a lot of oils and f in Nigeria detangle again

  3. Use a product with slip and wash in sections. You can use a conditioner
  4. Don't shampoo hair that hasn't been detangled. 

  5. Keep the hair in sections and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. You can then still use your fingers or move to a medium tooth comb for further detangling. 

  6. Follow up with your deep conditioner. If your deep conditioner has slip, the better.



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