10 relaxer application tips

Over the years, I've leanrt some things about relaxers and today, I share 10 relaxer application tips.

1. Don't mix lye and no lye at the same time
2. Always neutralize properly
3. Protect previously relaxed parts using petroleum jelly or sheabutter to prevent the relaxer being washed out from processing the already straight part. Simply put, relaxer over run can cause thin hair and breakage.
4. Know your texture so you choose the appropriate relaxer.
5. Follow instructions
6. Always deep condition after relaxing to restore either protein or moisture back into the hair. You can use either a moisturizing or protein based deep conditioner.
7. Don't mix different brands of relaxers
8.Let your stylist know what you want
9. Store relaxer properly
10. Avoid relaxing in the afternoon: you tend to sweat when the weather is hot. Sweat can cause your scalp to get irritated.


  1. Lawrencia7:22 pm

    i am kinda like a DIY person..like doing things on my own when it comes to my hair. sometimes you visit the salon and when you tell them what you want them to do they do the opposite so i like doing my own hair and it also hepls me save some cash[lol]..thanks so much for these tips..vividly noted..keep it up

  2. nana baffoe5:39 am

    am glad to read dis great informatiom here.it helped me in my current relaxer

  3. abena9:02 pm

    I'm glad it helped


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