Treating Hair Loss At The Edges With Supplements

I know you are aware of my efforts in restoring my receding hair at the edges.

The new thing I've discovered is that aside using topical products, the problem can be dealt with internally too. I know talk to hair vitamins for general hair growth is my thing but I wasn't aware the growth  could also be specific. That is more targeted at a part of the head which in  this case is the hair line.

[caption id="" align="aligncentre" width="400"]Nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins Nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins[/caption]

A YouTuber recently shared her battle with receding hair line and explained how she was only able to control it with supplements. The key ingredients in the supplement were biotin, zinc and amino acids. In regular multivitamins, I look out for zinc so I was happy she mentioned it as a key ingredient.

Based on the new discovery, I'm more determined to take the nature's bounty HSN as directed. The instruction is to take 3 soft gels daily and I'll do exactly that. I'll take some pictures during the day and share them with you for comparison later.

After paying close attention to my deep conditioning habits and seeing major improvements, I'll utilize the same diligent attitude with the hair vitamins too.

With the 250 capsules,  I have about 3 months supply thus from July to October. That also leaves mid October to November through to December for the mielle and mane choice. In between these months,  I'll get the mane choice oil to apply on the Scalp too.

So, if you are struggling with your edges, you may have to combat it with internal strategies and not external alone.


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