Castor Oil Challenge Starting Pictures

If I doubted the efficacy of Jamaican black castor oil, my edges are more than a prove that jbco indeed works. When I tried a different growth oil on my edges for a month, I didn't see any progress so I'm beyond convinced that consistent use of jbco yields results.

Because of this, I've decided to join another hair challenge by hairequest. I don't have any jbco challenge planned for this year so this is a good opportunity to get it done. I joined the hairequest Ultimate challenge.
-  Apply castor Oil to your scalp atleast three times a week

·       -  Use castor oil to seal after moisturizing your hair

·       -  Add a few drops to a tablespoon of castor oil to your deep conditioner

·         -Use castor oil in your prepoo mix or on its own as a hot oil treatment. Read more about prepooing here.

Some people may be concerned about moisturizing hair while in protective styles such as braids and weaves. Simply make a spritz of your own which can consist of water, a little leave in conditioner and your favourite oils including castor oil.





  1. kuukua anyifara yawson10:02 am

    I really need jbco , any ideas where I can purchase a bottle?

  2. Check


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