Salon Review: Total Trans4mation Beauty Palour

If there's something I've learnt about salons in Ghana, you can only be safe when you already know what you want, you can't rely on the hair stylist to do what is best for your hair. However, when I discovered Mrs Emelia Demor-Grunitzky of total trans4mation beauty palour, I knew I was in for a good time.  I found her salon when I was searching for a place to get my acrylic nails done. I,actually, saw a signboard advertising a salon and decided to follow the arrow direction.
Well, I ended up at the 'wrong' salon because that was not what was on the sign board. But, when she smiled and welcomed me, I instantly felt at home and talked aobut what I wanted to get done. I ended up getting a wash too! Since then, she became my stylist and even did my hair for my wedding (I'll show you one of these days).  Ever since we moved from that area, I have only been able to reach her for my weaves but what is it about this salon that is worth the hype?

Let's talk about the environment- The salon is well tiled, spacious and well kept. The equipment are pretty attractive; from the dryers to the wash basins. If you have actresses coming over to get their hair done there, you'll understand what am describing.

The Money: when it comes to the money, let me say that the first time I got the wash done, I pondered in my head whether I was sane to have not asked the cost but when the luke warm water hit my scalp, I knew it would be worth it. I was disappointed when she said the cost for the wash, which was only 1 cedi different from the regular salons. That was 2 years ago and nothing has changed. For her weaves, we all know getting a weave installed  can be a hit or miss affair yet I can assure you that she's the weave queen! The cost of getting the installation done or a braid is dependent on the style. Honestly, her price is not different from other stylists I've gone to. When she mentioned that it cost 25gh to get the weave done, I thought she was doing me a favour because that's the same price I pay at any other salon, where I don't even get it well done. Well, believe it or not, I don't know of any stylist that would get an invisible weave done at such a cost.

The Products: As I mentioned in my weave post, she has a variety of hair styles you can choose from. She also sells loads of hair products, which makes it easier to fill up should you go low whilst getting your hair done. For natural hair, loced hair to relaxed hair, you have a variety to select from. When I got my hair washed, she outlined more than six leave-ins to choose from.

Contact: The shop is around Kisseman junction, off the Legon-Gimpa road. Call them on 0244360995

Enjoy your visit!


  1. Yes I can also attest to that. 👍

  2. been there a couple of times for a pedicure and will go back, always get good service . thanks guys

  3. You can never go wrong with them. Go there and thank me later


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