10 Hair Products Worth Buying (2015 edition)

For ladies on a budget like me, spending on a hair product should be an investment worth our money so I've put together 10 hair products worth buying this year.

  1. Tresemme conditioners: For their size and price, these are worth it
    2. ORS replenishing conditioner this can last a full year of weekly washing.

  2. Hello Hydration 

  3. We Naturals hemp Shampoo

    A little of the Hemp shampoo as I mentioned in the review goes a loooong way. That is my top shampoo now.

  4. We Naturals Hot Oil Treatment: I love this product so much and I know it won't disappoint you too.

  5. Jamaican black castor oil : This oil is multi purpose and even the 4oz can last you a full year

  6. Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo large bottle. This shampoo is also very moisturizing too.

  7. Makola virgin coconut oil: mine lasted almost a year and a half with regular use and that includes daily use for oil pulling.

  8. ORS creamy Aloe shampoo is a multipurpose shampoo as I've mentioned in this video .

  9. Dark and Lovely Hair refresher: This smells so good that I'm considering spraying it on my hair LOL. If you wear weaves or braids, then, don't sleep on this.


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