Scentless Hair Products

Ever since I fell ill,  my sense of smell has been  heightened, something I can't seem to understand. Usually, I'd apply a mild scented product just for the hair to smell good but lately,  fee absence of any scent is most welcomed.


An example is the ors hairepair moisture cream that I still can't stand. I mean I used to think being pregnant back then was the reason for the dislike for the smell but now,  I'm definitely not pregnant. My nose just doesn't like the  scent though it's not unpleasant.

When I pass my hands through the hair,  I'm glad I don't smell anything afterwards. I'm not sure if the sickness has anything to do with this change; I most certainly wouldn't want this to be permanent as I love my hair to smell good.

Even my favourite cantu sheabutter lotion seems to put me off.
I'll just ensure this and hope it's a temporal change.


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