Herbs In Ghana: Bay Leaves

Today's post brings out another common herb found easily in the market. It is mainly used in preparing soups and stews and has a very strong sweet aroma.

Bay leaves are about 1 to 3 inches long and are oval with pointed ends. The leaves are shiny with dark green tops and are a lighter green underneath.
For Dandruff
For the divas searching for a remedy for dandruff, use Bay leaf tea.
  1. Boil a quart of water, the remove the pot from the stove and add about 3 teaspoons of crushed bay leaves. 
  2. Cover the pot and steep until cool.
  3. Pour some in the hair after shampooing and rinsing, and massage into the head for a few minutes.
  4. For best results, leave it in for an hour before rewashing hair.Each time you wash your hair you can use the bay leaf mixture as a soothing rinse that will help eliminate dandruff. 
Bay Essential Oil
  • Aides in hair growth
  • Provides dull, lifeless hair with luster and shine.
  • Curbs dandruff problems.
Bay Oil Infusion
  1. Wash and dry all the leaves carefully.
  2. Put half of the bay leaves and all the oil in a container with a tight lid. (I use glass jars that are hermetically closed with a rubber seals.
  3. Put the container in a pan, and fill the pan up to 2cm from the top of the jar/container
  4. Bring to the boil and simmer slowly for 2 hours. Allow to cool slightly and strain. Discard the used bay leaves
  5. Refill the container with the fresh bay leaves, cover with the strained oil, replace the lid tightly and return to the bain marie. Top up the water as necessary. Simmer gently for another 2 hours.
  6. Cool slightly, and pour through a strainer (Any watery green liquid at the bottom of the oil must be separated and discarded, or it will spoil the oil).
  7. Then pour the oil into clean bottles or jars(make sure they are sterilised), and label and date them. Store in a cool, dark place and it will keep for a year.

Where To Buy Bay Leaves
Your usual spices sellers have this product (They also call it Bay leaves).

CAUTION: If you are pregnant, consult with your physician first before using any herb.



  1. Please where can I buy the bay leave. I live in the northern region.

    1. The sell it in the market.. You can also go to zuks for it incase you want fresh ones

  2. I want the name if bay leaves in Akan language (Two)

  3. I want the local name for bay leaves

  4. Please I also want the locall name for bay leaf

    1. What's the twi name of bay leaves please

  5. I also want the ewe name for bay leaf

  6. Please what is the akan name for Bay leaf

  7. The twi name of bay leave pls

  8. the twi name for bay leaf

  9. What is the Two name name for bay leaf ? Please

  10. Please what is the local name for bay leaves

  11. What is the Ewe name for bay leaves

  12. pls what is the akan mame of bay leaf

  13. What is the twi name for bay leaves please

  14. I know it to be 'the leaves for stew'. It is usually sold by the women who sell spices. In twi you can tell them 'ahaban for stew' 'ahaban a yɛde yɛ abomu'. That's what i tell them

  15. Please I want twi name for laurel tree

  16. Great content, thanks

  17. Bay leaf is just bay leaf. Tell any woman who sell local spices in the marker that you want bay leaf

  18. Twi name of bay leaf please

  19. Bay leaf in Twi please

  20. Please it's the leaf we use mainly for stew
    And you can get some from those who sell spices in the market

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