Washing Your Hair In Harmattan

With this year's harmattan being so severe, protective styling is definitely a must.

Unfortunately, I can't wear any styles yet with this short hair do what can i do? Right from the wash day, my attention has been on preventing moisture loss. This means from the shampoo process to the sealing process, each step involves maximizing moisture.

I probably shampoo once every 2 weeks but I water rinse very often. This keeps the moisture levels up as well as keeping the hair less dirty. 

I do well to spritz the hair each morning before anything is done. With the new growth so thick, getting the hair damp is very crucial for moisture retention. I love length but moisture retention during this time of year is the key to a healthy hair.

Another form of moisture retention technique I employ is ensuring that the deep conditioners and conditioners I use are moisture based. The Sheamoisture manuka honey conditioner is amazing at this and I really love. 

The next thing I want to invest in is the co wash and the creme of nature Co wash is going to feature in the wash days soon. 

Harmattan can last 3 to 4 months so the best time to braid up or weave up is now. If my growth keeps going like this, I should be able to do a braid by end of the month so I can breathe Lol. Short hair is work!

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