L.O.C.method on 4C Natural Hair(TWA)

I've been using the L.O.C.method on  4C natural hair[my 4c hair]. The liquid, oil, cream method basically means using a water based product first, followed by creamy product and sealing with oil. When you start right, you end right. Since I'm fully natural now, it's best to give the hair all the nourishment it needs as it grows out. By the time it becomes a big Ass afro, the wouldn't be the need to suffer from dryness.

That said, I've continued with the liquid, oil, cream moisturizing and sealing technique I was using when I had the relaxed and natural hair to contend with. The assumption was that if it worked for the natural and relaxed hair, then, now that there's no relaxed hair, it should work better. Indeed, I haven't been disappointed yet.

I don't know how long my hair will love this method but I'm going with the flow for now. Here's a video demonstrating how I use the L.C.O method on my 4C natural hair -TWA.


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