How To: Take Down Braids And Weaves

How to: take down braids and weaves? When you are through with the beautiful weaves or braids, you are left with the nightmare of taking it down. That shouldn't be the case. See my posts on how I washed my weave. As one who uses extensions a lot, I've developed some techniques which I'm sharing with you today.

Essentially, what you need are:

  • bobby pin or roller pin to remove the braids

  • Scissors to cut knots in the extensions

  • Hair clips to keep the undone hair from tangling up

  • Detangling mix which could be a detangling conditioner, detangling shampoo, or oils.

  • Mirror to view the hair to guide you through each braid

  • A towel or t-shirt for your neck so you don't get the bits of short extensions that come off all over your body

Braids and Twists

What I do is to cut off the tip of the extensions since those parts are the most tangled.  I section it so I can work on it one at a time. I bobby pin or roller pin to undo the braids one knot at a time. I don't use my fingers because the nails could get stuck in a hair piece or even snag your own hair during the unraveling. At times, people skip knots and attempt to remove four or five at a time. When this happens, you find tangled parts getting more tangled. Going through the braid knot one gradually to ensure that you begin the detangling process as you undo each knot.


For weaves, I randomly choose a place to start from because mostly, the end of the cornrow will rather be at the middle.

 I used my fingers to undo the cornrows since they are usually large ones. However, if they are small, use the end of a rat tail comb to undo it thereby preventing your nails from possible snagging. Apply your coconut oil and conditioner mix to detangle after finger detangling the cornrows. I prefer detangling one row at a time as I undo them to make the process easier. Bunched up hair is hard to detangle.

The last thing I do for either braids or weaves is to use a detangling shampoo. The step helps to prevent knots and tangles when shampooing.


  1. Patricia6:54 pm

    Wow! Thats a very simple and easy steps to remove braids. Thanks for sharing


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