How To Make Forever Clair Products Work For You

After sharing my own techniques fr using forever Clair Products, I realized I hadn't touched on other reasons why the FC products may not be working for you.
1. Use the whole range. This is the first  lesson I learnt a couple of years ago. When  I bought the entire blemish control line, there were weeks I skipped the face cream and rather used a different cream.  What I noticed immediately was rough skin. Just 7 days were enough to setback from achieving the flawless skin I was working hard at.  By using a different cream,  I'd broken the chain of reaction. This principle also accounts for why your hair  gel might flake when you use it with a product from another line. Specifically, each line would have similar ingredients in order to work thus to change one product or substitute another would render your efforts ineffective.
2.  Use the product as directed.  There's an order of use with every product line which will ensure effectiveness. If you choose to neglect the instructions, you risk not enjoying the benefits.  For example, the blemish control soap has to be used twice daily. I have a night routine too so that means I benefit from the soap.
3. Have a routine so you can be consistent. It took me about a month to see results from being consistent.  That also included making sure I took off my make up before applying any product or cleansed.
4. Choose the appropriate line.  Each skin is unique. You have to use the products meant for your skin type.  Just because your friend uses the acne line doesn't mean it will work for you.  I noticed the acne range works better for me so I prefer that.  If one line didn't work, don't throw in the towel yet.  Try another line.
5. Be sure you don't mix products. Ghanaian women  love to be skin care products mixtresses. They will mix two or more products together with the goal of improving the efficacy of the product. If you do that with any skin care line, including Forever Clair, you will only sabotage your efforts.  You shouldn't mix for example, a Neutrogena toner with FC toner. You'll only fail!
These are the few tips regarding how you can make FC products work for you.


  1. Nana Yaa10:30 pm

    I have dx excess pimples on ny face which is really disturbing,n I just started using fc blemish control soap,toner n cream...will it help get rid of da pimples for me

  2. Use a facial Scrub after using the fC soap. Scrubs are easy to find in stores.

  3. I use the set of fc blemish control in the morning and uses the multifruit and its cream and bath with the hydrating soap in the evening. Is it right.???

  4. Pls am using forever clari skin tone bat since I started using it am becoming dark why

  5. Pls am fair in complexion and have been using Fc exfoliating toner cleanser and blemish control cream for my face and now wants to change to the to your toner and firmness cream pls is it right?

  6. Plz am fair in complexion and have acne and dark spots on my face and arm which forever Clair product will be good for me.

  7. Plz am fair In complexion and i have excess pimples on my face can i used FC multi fruits lotion

  8. Pls am Fair in complexion and I have acne and dark sport on my face ,chest and neck which Fc product will be effective for me .

  9. I've been using the forever clair skin tone lotion for 2 weeks now and I've seen quite improvement with respect to my complexion. But lots of pimples have appeared on my face leaving so many dark spots. I'm fair and these dark spots and blemishes really make me feel bad whenever I go out. I'll be very glad if you really help me out.

    1. I also have same problem­čśó

  10. I've been using the acne control set for almost 2 months now but I see no's getting worse instead of curing

  11. I have been using neoprosene gel to mix my cream for years n I want stop, I went to a cosmetic shop and de women gave me Fc blemish control cream and Acne soap but my face has destroy koraaaa.


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