Why You Should Chelate Your Natural Hair

I'm going to talk about the need to chelate your natural hair. Chelating and Clarifying hair, to the best thing of my knowledge, are some things relaxed ladies do very often.  Whereas naturals may not be using a relaxer (some relax their edges), most do use commercial products.  Even using natural products can still cause build up and as a result, a lot of ladies focus on cleaning the hair with a sulfate based shampoo.
What about the build up from the water you use to wash the hair in the first place? Have you ever considered why even after clarifying your hair,  you still feel the strands are coated?


The kind of water we use especially for those who purchase from the tankers and also use water from the polytanks like me can hinder our whole wash day purpose and result.  Most of these waters are hard, meaning the mineral deposit from them will create build up that can only be cleared using a Chelating shampoo.
In addition to this, if you Co wash more often, then,  you'll have an extra build up from the conditioner. Put the two together and you have a recipe for disaster.
Due to this, I was hesitant in doing the water only wash until I've obtained a shower filter or do a modified version where I chelate at least once a month.
How To Soften Hard Water
I've discovered that boiling water softens it! This implies that I can do my water only wash and you can have the clean hair you want. All you have to do is make sure you boil your water before use!


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