Afraid Of Tampons?


If there is a hygiene product that a lot of Ghanaian ladies are afraid of or aren't aware of,  it is the tampon.

What is a tampon? For me,  I describe it as a piece of absorbing material wrapped and shaped like an inhaler,  that you insert to absorb the flow.
There are two types of tampons; applicator and digital.


The applicator tampon is inserted using an applicator like a yeast infection vaginal cream. I think when Ghanaian women think of tampons,  they see an applicator type.

When I began reading on the tampons,  I realized I couldn't do with an applicator because it seems the digital was straight forward to use and I was right.

The digital tampon (first picture) simply requires removing the wrapper and inserting it as if you are pushing it back towards the anal region. The thing about tampon is that if you don't insert it well,  it's uncomfortable.

Another thing to note is that tampons come in different sizes -  the one I use is about 6 different sizes, from regular to ultra plus or so. I use regular and super depending on the flow.

It takes a while to adjust to tampons because we are accustomed to it but once you get a hang of it,  you'll like it.

The danger most ladies talk about from tampons stems from leaving it in for long hours. The Toxic Shock Syndrome is due to some ladies forgetting that something is there and going days without taking it out. Yes,  it's very comfortable so you may forget but please don't.

This is the bit about tampons so let's look at pros and cons.

It's convenient to use because you don't need to  pad up your pants. Using a panty liner will catch leaks which will happen if you don't change on time just like pads.

You can literally wear what you want because there is nothing drawing a line,  no fear of stains and no bulkiness.

Tampons are easy to remove; the thread you leave out when inserting is go help you pull it out. Some ladies fear the thread will tear but I think that depends on the brand and the force you use. You don't need to force it,  a gentle tug gets it moving out.

Tampons aren't easily available. I purchase mine from supermarkets or drugstores and the least is 10gh for 16 pieces with the brand I use. Of course,  you may use that quantity for about two or more months.

Easy to carry about. That's the one thing I love about tampons. I can change as often as possible without having to plan on how to do it unlike pads. You can put about even 8 pieces in your secret underwear pocket.

Easy to dispose off without raising suspicions in the bin Lol.

Lastly,  I don't leak nor stain pants unless I don't change  on time. The panty liner catches those accidental leaks on time.
So,  there you have it. Tampons or pads?


  1. Miranda7:46 am

    Very very useful post for me.I immediately click to read because am afraid lol..I don't even see myself using it in the distant future...I think I should be a little more open about it now

  2. abena8:26 am

    Don't be afraid. It's easy to use

  3. Angela Quaye10:31 am

    Thanks dear for sharing. Please I want to know whether the place will enlarge due to the inserting. Thanks.

  4. Hehehehehe. NO, it won't.


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