How To Choose Tampons

Since I've talked about the different types of tampons,  let's look at the absorption capacity.

I use the lil-let tampons and they  come in regular,  super, super plus and ultra plus.
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Choosing one or more depends on the flow. For light or normal flow,  lite to regular can be used. It's indicated on the package so don't worry.

For medium to heavy flow,  super or super plus can be used.

It's advised to change the tampons as indicated on the package. Don't leave it beyond the recommended time if you want to prevent leaks. You can  change  every 3 hours like I do just to be safe.

The first two days are usually heavy so a heavy absorbing tampon is ok. As the flow tappers off,  you have to switch to regular ones.

Also,  you can use a panty liner to catch leaks. However,  be sure not sleep with the liner or leave it for long periods. You can also switch to sanitary pads when at home. I do that for days 4-5.

Let me know if you need further explanations. I'm equally new to this.


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