3 Ways I Exfoliate My Skin

Just as bathing with a sponge  is to clean skin,  exfoliating the face is key in getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt and unclogging pores.

*The first product I use is a spin brush from vanity planet.  This set has 3 brushes: the daily brush,  the exfoliating brush and the large on is the body brush. The exfoliating brush is too uncomfortable for my skin so I skip using it.  I go for the daily brush.  I use the brush once a week with an exfoliating facial wash or cleanser.

*The thing I use is exfoliating scrub: I use the blackhead scrub from Beauty Formulas 

I use this once in a while to give my skin a break from chemical exfoliating. The maximum use is once a week for me. Anything else will cause irritation on my skin.


Third is The Ordinary glycolic toning acid and Cosrx BHA power liquid toner. I use these maximum of two times a week.

How do you exfoliate?


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