The year is definitely not how we want it to be but we have to make do with what we have when it comes to hair care. 

To begin the wash, I diluted apple cider vinegar with water and drenched the hair with it. 
I covered with a shower cap for close to 30 minutes. I needed my scalp to really get the detox. 

To cleanse, I use groganics deep freeze shampoo and conditioner to detox the follicles and stimulate it too. 

To hydrate the hair, I just applied The Ordinary multipeptide hair serum to the scalp and let the hair dry. 

As simple as the wash is, the nest wash will be more involving as I have to deep condition. The Silicone Mix is an amazing deep conditioner; my hair loves it and it's a must have for me now. 

I'm currently a few days post relaxer hence washing is a breeze. The next relaxer is scheduled for 21st July, about 10 weeks stretch. After the next wash, I'll be visiting the salon for straw set again.
I don't intend to mess with my hair therfore but the straw sets will prolong the wash intervals. 


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