Advice For Beginning Your Hair Journey

The excitement that you feel when you get to understand growing long hair is possible can cause you to create more harm than good for your hair.

Read and Read 
I can't reiterate this enough! I’ve observed that 90% of ladies either skip information or simply don't read beyond two or three lines of any article. They want to experience length but don't want the sweat that comes with it. A simple cursory look at the first or last paragraph of an article doesn't mean you've mastered a particular topic or technique. The end result is a partially successful implementation of that knowledge. At the end, frustration sets in when you don't seem to make a headway.

Know what you read 
There are a thousand and one people writing and sharing what they think is right for your hair. These are well intended but is it what you need? Must you do all the 10 wash steps to achieve results? Does your hair need that particular protein treatment you've read about? Does it matter if you wash your hair with sulphate based shampoo? Before you jump on bandwagons, question the motive behind it!

Buy less
When you see the hair goals you want, remember it took them years and not days! Gathering all the oils on the shelf won't grow your hair any faster than it does! Taking all the hair vitamins you can have won't do any good either if you don't understand your hair needs, correct and appropriate techniques and maintenance routines.

Be attentive 
This is the time to write down your day to day regimen and track it for at least 6 months to see your progress. Pay attention to the products and how they make your hair feel. Also, be attentive to what technique is working or isn't. You don't want to waste time!

Be patient
Rome wasn't built in a day neither will your hair grow long in a day! Length retention is a journey with its ups and downs. You'll suffer setbacks but let your setback be a stepping stone for your come back!

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