How To Transition From Damaged Hair To Healthy Hair

This write up on how to transition your hair  will be in two parts to cover natural hair and relaxed hair.

Find the problem 

First, identify and acknowledge your own actions and inactions in damaging your hair. We tend to shift blame on the hair dressers but if you are armed with knowledge about hair care, your guidance will facilitate the process of caring for your hair at the salon or home. What have you failed to add or take out of your regimen?

Your hair is unique 
In addition, you ought to understand your hair is unique and should be treated as such. You can't determine your growth rate until you track your growth. Seeing someone hit her goals in weeks doesn't translate into you achieving the same thing. Your diet, environment and even hair tools can influence your length retention. Accept what your hair can and cannot do, you'll be in better frame of mind to work on it 
Quality products 
Be prepared to break the bank when you begin your journey. I'm not referring to how many products you have; you may have twenty products yet all will likely be shampoos and conditioners that won't offer anything special. Your array of products have to contain ingredients that will nourish and fortify your hair. From castor oil to hyaluronic acid, to essential oils, your products should be a tool to achieve your goals. 

Cut off the damage 
We hold on to the old, ruggaged and damaged hair hoping to save it. The truth is nothing can resurrect that hair! You'll have to have a trimming schedule to get rid of that thin hair.

Be Consistent and Patient 
Your hair won't grow long overnight nor even in weeks. It takes months of dedication and consistency to reach  hair goals. Understanding this will prevent you from stressing over your hair!

How did you go from unhealthy to healthy hair?
Share in the comment box.

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