How To Soften Natural Hair

 When natural hair seems hard or tough, most hair dressers claim there are products to make it soft which is in the form of texturizer. Texturizer is simply a type of relaxer hence if you use it with the aim of lose curls, you may end up with straight hair because these stylists don’t apply it correctly too. 

There are other solutions that don't involve losing your curls. 

1) Use hair mists and thicker leave in conditioners and moisturizers if your hair tends to dry out quickly. You may need to do it daily until you reach maximum hydration.. 

2) Use more moisture products when washing, from shampoo to conditioner to leave in conditioner. 

3) Wear styles that won’t create tangles and knots 

4) Try pre shampoo treatments eg Olaplex. 

5) Trim your ends to get rid of thin ends and split ends. 

6) Sleep  in satin pillows or use bonnets

7) Use butters to seal if your hair easily dries up 

8) Stop blow drying it!


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