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Smart Hair Goals for 2019

Let me give you the full picture of what I want in 2019.The first goal is to care for my own hair  throughout the year without braids in that period. Since I didn't braid up, I've been doing 3 deep conditioning sessions per week to maintain moisture in the hair.  My hair shrinks a lot and I'm ok with it. The routines will also mean being able to use up all old products too. With such deep conditioning, I'm sure I'll be able to keep my hair well moisturized. Because I don't have any braiding plans, my hair covers will be a great way to protect the hair. One thing I love about hair covers is when your hair is long enough, you can change the position of the cover.I want to have access to my own hair to regrow a few damaged spots at the edges. This means from now till May, I'll be paying attention to the growth and retention. The second goal is to make it to full shoulder length with 3 trims too. For this reason, I'm making sure I take the 30 day beauty sec…

How To Moisturise During Harmattan

The normal order of liquid, oil and cream or liquid, cream and oil moisturizing routinrle isn't sufficient. Here's one  technique I use and I'm sure you'll find it helpful too.After moisturizing, be sure to cover with a steam or shower cap for 5 minutes. This allows the heat from your body to warm up the products and allow them to sink into the hair faster and better. Since the dry weather can be detrimental to our hair, you need to up your moisture game from 5 to 10!
These are other moisturizing techniques you can explore to help your hair thrive in 2019.

How To Do Overnight Deep Conditioning

When you are a mom and a career woman like me, spending time at night putting things in order can be the best moment to nourish your hair.Most deep conditioners require 30 minutes under a steam cap and because we can't spare that amount of time in the morning, doing it whilst sleeping can be a better option. Now, most deep conditioners complete their work within 30 minutes to an hour hence the purpose of overnight deep conditioning isn't about the deep conditioner working but rather, you saving time!Here's how I do mine. In the process of taking the night shower, I shampoo the hair and take the shower. I then apply the deep conditioner to the hair. The pwieos between the shampoo and conditioner application allows the hair to dry a bit so that the deep conditioning is done on damp and not wet hair.I cover with the steam cap or shopping bag and follow up with a bonnet. If you share a bed with your partner, be sure they won't mind the smell of the products Lol. Next morni…

Two Hair Growth Vitamins For January

As the hair keeps getting longer and longer, I keep exploring different ways to make 2019 the most active time in my blogging life.I have 15 days worth of the 30 day beauty secret vitamins and half of the collagen powder. In order to achieve my targeted goal of full shoulder length in 2019, I've been taking the collagen powder again. I'm definitely not moving into biotin anymore so most of my supplements will be collagen and women's hair vitamins. These 2 will get me through the first half of January, 2019 so I'll have a few shopping to do in terms of new vitamins. Fortunately, I have the Neocell collagen with hyaluronic acid arriving hence there won't be a break in what I take. I'll share my 3 hair goals for 2019 tomorrow.

Deep Conditioning Challenge

Since my hair is growing out of the short phase, the need for more deep conditioning has arisen and the harmattan period just makes it even more prudent. I miss washing long hair Lol. Anyways, I checked the last time I did a good deep conditioning treatment and realized it was zero in the last 4 weeks. By good, I mean leaving the deep conditioner for at least 15 minutes!Now, I didn't shampoo because I wanted more hydration not cleansing since I'd definitely shampoo over the weekend. I used the creme of nature coconut milk conditioner and I must say that I loved the smell! I left the deep conditioner on under the 2 black shopping bags and a scarf. As we prepared for 24th Night service, I had the deep conditioner also working. What forced me to deep condition is the dryness of the North where I'm visiting for the first time in 3 years! I didn't carry anything except hair butters so I had to borrow what my sister had. Looking at the nature of the weather, I'd have to …

Ending 2018 With Dr. Miracle

My edges were doing fine until I got a cornrow and now, I've had a serious damage.That's how bad my edges are so I'm going to try the Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape balm from now till the jar is empty.Hopefully, with the nightly applications, I should be able to use up the jar in 3 to 4 months. 
It has a slight burning sensation when applied (nothing I can't tolerate). It is a gelly consistency too which Iove. It makes applying with fingers much better.The smell is a bit minty and the gelly consistency makes spreading it very easy and fast. Lastly, it doesn't drip so I can apply at any time of the day even when I'm sweating.Also expect more hair related posts in 2019!!! I'm going to be back on the blogging train with at least 4 updates a week! It's something I'd love to do because my hair is growing back and it's about time we get to our goal too.One thing I do notice is that most of my favourite bloggers are missing in Action 😕. I will bring you m…

Washing Your Hair In Harmattan

With this year's harmattan being so severe, protective styling is definitely a must.Unfortunately, I can't wear any styles yet with this short hair do what can i do? Right from the wash day, my attention has been on preventing moisture loss. This means from the shampoo process to the sealing process, each step involves maximizing moisture.I probably shampoo once every 2 weeks but I water rinse very often. This keeps the moisture levels up as well as keeping the hair less dirty. I do well to spritz the hair each morning before anything is done. With the new growth so thick, getting the hair damp is very crucial for moisture retention. I love length but moisture retention during this time of year is the key to a healthy hair.Another form of moisture retention technique I employ is ensuring that the deep conditioners and conditioners I use are moisture based. The Sheamoisture manuka honey conditioner is amazing at this and I really love. The next thing I want to invest in is the …

Moisturise and Seal (3 Steps)

This is an updated version of how to moisturise and seal your relaxed hair or natural hair. This technique can be done in the morning or evening although I prefer doing mine in the evening.All you need are your moisturizers, water and oil or butter. Click Here to watch the full video! 


My hair is 2 weeks post relaxer and although I'm sad about not hitting my goal for 2018 😥, I'm just glad to have my hair journey going again.I've dyed and cut throughout this year but I'm tired of setbacks so come rain or shine, I'll keep growing the hair in whatever state it is.Here's an update about what's going on. Click Here for the updates

How To Use Beauty Formulas Products

After a friend introduced me to beauty formulas range of skin care products, I've not looked back.

I love them so much that I've stocked up some in my shop ( 

First, I use the Beauty Formulas Micellar water to remove my make up. Then, I use the charcoal cleanser to wash the face and then the charcoal scrub.
For toner, we have the facial tonic and then follow up with day cream.

At night, I follow up with either acne pimple medication or lemonvate to fade away the acne scars. I, recently, added a fade out cream. I usually prefer night creams as that's the time the skin gets well nourished. There's no exposure to the rays nor natural elements.

During the day, I try to use a sunscreen before leaving the room and at work. When you want a routine for your skin, get products suitable.

My routine will change during the harmattan so stay tuned for that.

How To Prepare Your Skin For Harmattan

Dry lips,  ashy feet and skin as well as constant struggle to keep the skin hydrated all battle with is during Harmattan.To begin with,  focus on Hyaluronic acid.  This will certainly be the time to use the HA to the maximum potential!I've also realized that my skin absolutely loves the vitamin C Suspension 23% from The Ordinary too. Thi serum has squalene oil and in this harmattan, the oil keeps the face soft and supple! I'm definitely going to get squalene oil soon to take me through the coming weeks.In addition to the light weight oils, my skin seems to be dryer with chemical exfoliation so I've slowed down the frequency. I'm going to rather do more face mask treatments to infuse moisture into the skin. The last thing about the harmattan tran is that my skin isn't breaking out. Probably because my face uses up the extra sebum to keep it moisturized against the dry weather. This is the reason squalene oil and other light oils like Argan oil will be of great benef…

Clearing Dark Spots

I've been doing a double moisturizing routine to speed up the process of clearing Dark spots as the acne is under control now.The main area of concerns are the cheeks so I use the Brightening Anti wrinkle cream on just the forehead, nose and chin areas. For the rest of the face, I use NadinolaThis has 3% hydroquinone and that makes it extra strength. I began just 2 days ago so we will have an update in some weeks time. 

Salicyc Acid For Scalp Issues

Aside being an amazing ingredient for our skin,  salicyc acid can also help exfoliate your scalp. How? There are shampoos formulated with salicyc acid and they exfoliate the dead skin cells. You'll find the SA in anti dandruff and anti itch products too. As part of keeping my scalp clean and healthy,  I'll be investing in these products to enable my scalp detox itself too.  When you exfoliate the dead skin cells from the face your products get aborted better and are able to get deeper into the pores.  This is the same principle behind the Salicyc acid in the shampoos.. 
In addition,  scalp scrubs are also awesome for healthy scalp and I've invested in that too.  As I do each treatment,  I'll give you a review.  To shop for your hair and skin care products, check out my shop at can also reach me on 0541458372.

Four Products To Fade Scars and Spots

The headache that follows a breakout is how to get rid of the dark spots and blemishes.For us in Ghana, a skin care routine is a recent trend and especially with the influx of affordable Chinese and Korean skin care products.We grow up with using bath soaps to wash our face and body lotion to moisturize our face, sometimes, Vaseline is our go to. Now, if you are reading this, then, it means you've gone beyond that stage and that's a good sign of great things to come.
After years of damage and not caring about our skin, you should understand that it will equally take a few more effort to get the skin you need.There are several products on the market targeting fading spots and blemishes but before we jump on them, do remember that you daily routine is essential in achieving results with those products. Getting rid of the spots won't be a matter of days.All you'll need is to combine a few products and definitely some trial and error in order to get your spot free skin.Rece…

From Alpha Hydroxy Acids to Beta Hydroxy Acid Products

I enjoyed the impact and effect of The Ordinary  Lactic acid 10%+HA (An alpha Hydroxy acid) and still enjoy it but I decided to step up the exfoliating to Beta Hydroxy Acids. Why?

Beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid goes deeper than just exfoliating dead skins cells;  it dissolves oils in the pores rendering those blackheads and pimples powerless over your skin.
Instead of using salicylic acid serum,  I opted for a toner with a high concentration of salicylic acid yet gentle enough. The Cosrx BHA Power liquid toner is a rave among Korean Beauty addicts and I just had to give it a try too.
It is used after washing the wash and since it's a toner, it becomes the second step after the wash. The process still counts as cleansing since exfoliating is a cleansing step. If I want to use any toner,  I would apply that toner first before the BHA Power liquid toner to allow it to work.
It is recommended that you wait at least 20 to 30 minutes after using chemical exfoliating product t…

How To choose The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum

If you missed the post on the types of vitamin C serums carried by The Ordinary, then, just go through it and come back to this.Paula's Choice and The Ordinary seem to have a lot in common when it comes to formulations and I love that! Let's start with the highest form which is the L-ascorbic acid. This is found in the The Ordinary Vitamin C silicone and vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%.
Much like our Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% formula, this product also offers a suspension but in light silicones for a smooth, non-gritty skin finish. Despite the very light forms of silicones used, silicones do impair dermal exposure to Vitamin C slightly but the additional (30%) concentration of Vitamin C helps compensate for this slight inefficiency. A very strong tingling but non-irritating sensation is expected during the first 1-2 weeks of use until the skin's tolerance to such high exposure is elevated. If desired, this formula can be diluted in a cream base per a…

Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1% and Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

When you are new to skin care, the target is usually acne or pimples and once you get rid of that, the next obvious problem is dark spots and blemishes. This is the purpose for grabbing Niacinamide from The Ordinary. I got these to test them because Klairs is such a popular brand and the supple preparation toner is a huge bandwagon for a lot of K beauty lovers. I know enough around Korean skin care but the one thing about that routine is to understand the purpose of each product before plunging into it if you don't want chaos.In that regard, I got the mini size and have been using it for the past few days. I find it a bit thicker and you use your palms to apply.I may probably be so used to the Thayers toner because I don't find the Klairs easy to work with when it comes to layering other products. Everything I apply, either via patting or rubbing, doesn't sit without balling up or pilling!I'll keep using it though till it is empty because I need to allow it a substanti…

Alpha Hydroxy Acids For Your Skin

Alpha hydroxy acids have gained popularity in the skin care world and it's for a good reason because they exfoliate your skin better! Glycolic acid( the big gun in the AHA group,  it penetrates the pores for deep exfoliating)Then Lactic acid ( this is quite good for those who are new to acids. It helps to build up your skin for more acids! )Mandelic acid is known to be one if the mildest (such that pregnant women can use it).  These actives can be found in cleansers.They can also be found in toners 

Some moisturizers also contain the alpha hydroxy acids. The Cosrx Salicyc acid  daily cleanser. Salicyc acid falls under Beta hydroxy acid and it's more potent in fighting acne. They do much intensive work by dissolving oils in the pores too! You can find them in cleansers and toners too. Then comes in Benzoyl peroxide which is notorious for being the go to acne treatment ingredient. This can be found in cleansers,  and spot treatments too. Which ones do you use? To purchase any of …

The Ordinary Lactic Acid +HA

I took the bold step to use a chemical exfoliating product and because I needed to start of gently, I picked lactic acid 10% from The Ordinary.The lactic acid is used at night so I wash and apply toner before using it. For the first application, I used my fingers to pat it into the skin.The skin looked oily for a while but that subsided within minutes. My skin felt dry the next morning but nothing severe.Within a couple of day, I noticed my skin tone looked even and I had nice glow too.Honestly, I love the changes and would certainly work to keep it up.On another note, I've been taking hair gummies which contain vitamin c and it may be another contributing factor for this glow.*A few pointersI has no reaction to the lactic acid. I did feel a tingle or sting for a few seconds and that was it.I use a few drops and I'm limiting it to 2x a week in order not to over exfoliate the skin.Ill be moving on to other serums eventually but I want to exhaust The Ordinary products first. I&#…

Wig Protective Styling Routine

Wigs are a great way to protect your hair and also still have access to your hair. I'm so much in love with the hair for the fact that I haven't seen my hair at this length for the past 5 years! These are the 2 wigs I'll be wearing for 2019. I don't want to promise braids but I can surely do wigs if I need a small break from my hair. Before I wear a wig,  I make sure to moisturise and seal. This prevents dryness from the wig. I wash my hair whenever I need to. For the wig,  I avoid putting products in it for now. When they get dirty though,  I'll shampoo and dry it. I'll be back each week with an update.