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How To Increase Hair Growth Whilst In Protective Style

I've been in these zip braids for 2 weeks already; my scalp is fine, my hairline is full and overall, I notice growth coming in. What do I do to increase hair growth whilst in protective style?

1. Stay consistent with hydration both internal and external. I drink more than 2 litres of water as often as possible and spray the hair with rosewater and guava leaves brewed in water.

2. Take your vitamins be it multivitamins, hair growth vitamins or just good old folic acid. Whatever the case, just keep your body healthy and ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for cell renewal and healthy hair.

3. Keep the scalp unclogged. In as much as I Iove using hair oils, I don't go hard on them when I'm unable to properly wash the scalp. I use the ESO scalp oil about 3 to 4 times a week. I apply it daily on the edges as it's easy to cleanse that part.

4. Lastly, clean the scalp regularly to prevent build up. Truth be told, I have been able to clean mine and o…

Do You Oil Your Scalp?

Oiling your scalp is quite a controversial topic within the hair world for the reason that some advocate that you do so to help prevent dry scalp whilst others are of the view that your sebum is enough to hydrate your scalp. The question is how much sebum do you have? Is it enough?

The main concern with oiling your scalp has to do with clogging the pores with thick oils that prevent your scalp from receiving the nourishment it needs as well as adding to the sebum you have. In some cases, I've found my sebum production to be low and as such oiling the scalp was a good way of ensuring no dryness. On the other hand, when I go overboard with the application of the oil, I experience itchy scalp.

When you oil your scalp, it doesn't need to be a daily routine if your scalp doesn't like it. Itchy scalp means you need to cleanse it and applying oils to the scalp might require regular cleansing. There are people with scalp conditions that can only be soothed with oiling the scalp.

How To Use Protective Styles To Grow Longer Hair

In as much as we all want to grow long hair,  we also fail to see that it's not everything that yields positive results and this applies to using protective styles to grow longer hair.

We call some styles protective styles because our ends are protected from the elements and also from damage as a result of manipulation. Weaves,  buns and braids are the most common protective styles. In order to reap the benefits of protective styles to grow your hair long,  use the following tips.

**Moisturize your hair underneath your hair style.  Use a braid spray or your own spritz to keep the hair from drying out.

**Clean your scalp regularly to remove dirt which blocks the pores on the scalp.  Use light oils on the scalp I order not to clog it.

**Don't keep the style in for too long. Now,  what is "long"? That's up to you. Some clean their scalp and wash their braid or weaves regularly hence they are able to go up to 3 months.  You know your hair and what it can tolerate so …

Why Your Natural Hair Is Brown In Colour

I'm not referring to this with naturally brown hair : I'm talking about those who complain that their hair isn't as black as mine (even relaxed hair needs not to be brown).

1. The first reason is dry hair.  When your hair lacks moisture,  you'll experience dry and brittle hair and the sun light worsens the situation hence you get that brownish tint. What you need to do to remedy the situation is infuse moisture into the hair in form of deep conditioning and green house effect. In a matter of weeks, you'll notice a difference.

2. Not protecting your ends can cause that brownish colour therefore try to keep your ends tucked away especially during harmattan.

3. Relaxing your hair too often or back to back like we used to causes over processed hair which is the brownish colour you see.  When you begin spacing the relaxer application,  you'll notice that your old hair will only be the damaged parts. Apply the relaxer to only the new growth else if you do it all over…

Braids Don't Grow Hair

I got the box braids installed to give myself a break from daily manipulation during harmattan. When it comes to braids and length retention, the thoughts of a majority of women is braids grow hair faster and hence their dependence on it.

This view is influenced by the result you see after taking down your braids.  Because the hair is protected from natural elements like the sun, you tend to experience less dryness if you've been moisturizing probably once in a while.  Also, no manipulation means you don't loose hair nor experience breakage which translates into length retention.

That's the reason why you may think braids grow hair but they don't affect the scalp in any way to facilitate growth.

How To Grow Long Hair in 2018

After posting about my plans and goals to achieving my hair goals in 2018, some participants in the boot camp who are new on the healthy hair journey have requested for a post on how to grow long hair in 2018.

If your new year resolution is to grow your relaxed hair or natural hair long, here are a few tips for you.

1. Get a shampoo: cleaning your scalp and hair as a first step eliminates dirt from the scalp and hair. It also means you'll be able to use your other products effectively.

2. Conditioner: infusing moisture back into the hair after a shampoo is essential in maintaining soft hair as well as preventing breakage. After shampoo, follow up with the conditioner for softer and manageable hair.
3. Deep conditioner aka steaming cream as our locals know it helps to provide the hair with nutrients that nourish the strands, strengthen it and also prevent damage and breakage. This treatment should be done at least once a month after shampoo. You can alternate that with the…

Starting A New Healthy Hair Journey For 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, I've been reordering and reorganizing my goals, priorities and most importantly, my desired outcomes.

Growing hair isn't a day thing neither is it a race. However, I also don't want to relax and suffer a setback. Creating the balance between the goal and achievement needs a simple but effective planning. What I mean is if I set a goal, I need to know when and how I'll achieve it. Merely stating the goal doesn't yield the result.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know that I don't wait till new year to set goals and targets. This is the best time to evaluate what the current year has been and what the future holds.

2017 was a fun year for me! I learnt so much about my skin and honestly, my hair took a back seat. I hardly purchased products as I got about 7 hair cuts! Talk about not having products, I intended keeping a tapered cut but Mr. Sweetheart wants to play in long hair again hence I decided…

Wash Day With Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Aside loving how clear my face has become, I've been paying attention to moisture retention too. To retain moisture, I endure that the products I use in cleansing the hair are moisturizing ones.

This is week 2 of the boot camp and to wash the hair, I decided to use the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

The Shampoo

It had the scent of tea tree oil and it's not too thick. It's a deep cleansing shampoo hence I'd rather use it when I have build up and not weekly.

The deep conditioner is my favourite; it has a strong tea tree oil scent and a bit minty. The beat thing is the softness I had after use.

It's extremely moisturizing and I don't think I switch or try another one any time soon. Of course, it's affordable too thus I get to enjoy the benefits of moisturized hair and no stress on the pocket! I do love it!

2. After cleansing and deep conditioning, I applied the wild growth light oil moisturizer, a bit of the wild growth hair oil…

How I Grew My Edges (And Still Growing It)

About 3 months ago, I purchased edge entity follicle stimulant cream and now, I'm full of excitement about the results.

It's been 4 months since my last braid too and these two things have helped restore the glory of my hairline.

I wasn't a happy fella with those ratchet looking edges and I was definitely to be blamed for that damage.

I use the edge entity once a day, every single day (I try not to miss) . I purchased the 4oz jar hence I have 3 more months of use. The jar directs that it's used within 6 months.

When it's finished, I'm still going to be my sulphur hair oil to maintain it. I use that on my scalp and my two weeks growth is impressive.

As for the nature's bounty gummies, I take them once every 3 to 4 days and that's how it's going to be to avoid breakout.

Anyway, here are more pictures.

Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and Age control Night Cream

The last time I did an intensive facial cleansing was about a month ago. After that,  I haven't used a scrub so why didn't I get breakouts like I do when I don't use scrub? I believe scrubs unclog blocked pores but if the pored aren't blocked in the first place,  then,  there won't be any unclogging.

What's the secret?  The new facial moisturizers I use.
I use the Beauty Formulas Age defying day cream and age control night cream.

I've been consistent in using just these two on face and those who also purchased it, love it.
My face has remained smooth and acne free even without scrubbing so imagine the joy I have.
I'll be using scrub every now and then as a maintenance routine.
The day cream is lighter and smells great too.  I focus is on the eye area and the  eyes have  felt and looked more moisturized.  Even though I still plan on getting an eye cream and vitamin C facial serums,  this cream is filling that gab quite well.

The night cream is thicker …

Grow Your Edges ( Edge Entity Month 1)

We are close to the last quarter of the year 2017 already and as it stands now, I can say my edges have grown in a lot!

I've been faithful in using the edge entity follicle stimulant daily and I see that the parts that were bald are gradually growing back. I've had the second shaping of the back and I have a last one to do in a few months time.

This is the first month of using the cream out of 6 months so in look forward to seeing thicker edges by month 3. This period has made me realize the damage I was doing to the edges.  Braids and weaves aren't  bad; I just had instances of tight braids that put pressure on the hairline.  After postpartum, I shouldn't  have braided nor worn a weave to allow the edges to fully recover.  That is what has resulted in the bald patches around the edges. Even as it grows in,  it looks like it's  going to take years to have a full hairline again. I'm willing to give  myself that much time to heal my edges and also my scalp.

If I&…

Tapered Cut Inspiration

Tapered cut has become my go to look to end 2018 with a bang! See what inspires me.

Mane Choice Hair Growth Oil

Why the mane choice hair growth oil? The hairfinity vitamins will be finished in 7 days time. Now, I know the potential of my Sulphur hair growth oil and also the Jamaican black castor oil. This will be the right opportunity to see the potency of the mane choice hair growth oil too.

Most of the reviews have claimed that the oil is more moisturizing and that is the main purpose for which I grabbed the mane choice hair growth oil.

I'll be taking new supplements but for now, I want to see how my hair will do. I need it to stay moisturized as it grows too.

3 Steps To Infusing Moisture In Your Hair

My hair has been dry lately probably because I lie down on the sofa a lot ( no protection for the hair). To rectify this, I decided to do a green house effect.

1. Applied Sulphur oil on the scalp and Jbco on the hair itself.

2. Covered with a shopping bag and shower cap

3. Went to bed .

I'll do this for about three times a week as the whether is becoming more dry.
Have you tried Green House Effect?


Aloe Vera for Sore Scalp

The one thing this week has taught me is that whatever I did with the previous big chops were not really about the techniques but one ingredient - aloe vera. I haven't used aloe vera this time and the sore scalp has opened my eyes to how essential this ingredient is.

My scalp has been sore to the point of being unable to touch! I scanned my routine and noticed that I've left out aloe vera this time. I opened a leave and applied it; my scalp responded to it immediately. I mean I felt a soothing effect right after application.

We don't know what we have until we find ourselves in need. Can you imagine that the aloe vera treatment was the key to my scalp feeling good after big chop? I felt my hair wasn't also growing as fast as the last time and that has also been explained. You won't get fast hair growth with a damaged scalp!

I've plugged more fresh aloe vera plant to use daily. I don't care about shrinkage hence I can use the treatment for as long as possib…

What Is Micellar Cleansing Water?

According to Huffington post,
There’s washing your face with soap and water, and then there’s cleansing with micellar water.

Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. “The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.  Therefore, micellar cleansing  water can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one.

I've been using the Beauty Formulas Micellar Cleansing Water in my routine. Here's my review of it; I talk about the smell, how it feels on my skin and how I use it.


Find Your Hair Porosity

Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb moisture and is broken down into three categories:low, medium and high.

Gently stretch a tiny section of curl strands from different areas of your head – front hairline, nape, crown and temple. Place the stretched curl between your thumb and finger and slide it up the hair strand from the tip towards the scalp. If your fingers move easily up the strand and it feels dense and hard, you have low porosity hair. If it feels smooth, you have normal porosity hair. And if the strand feels rough or dry or it breaks, you have high porosity hair.

Another way to check your hair porosity is to drop hair that’s been shed as a result of combing into a glass of water. If it floats, your hair is low porosity. If your hair sinks slowly, it has normal porosity, and if it sinks immediately, your hair is high porosity.

#3 – THE H20 TEST
To determine your hair porosity level using water, spritz a small section of…

What Is Your Hair Texture?

Hair has been the subject of this blog for almost 7 years and to think we would have mastered our hair by now Lol.

What Is hair texture? Each of us is unique with a peculiar hair texture. We don't carry the same genetic traits hence regardless of any hair typing system, your hair is still unique and should be treated as such.

There have been a number of hair typing systems but the most used and popular one is the one by Oprah's stylist, Andre Walker. Almost every new person on a healthy hair quest would have read about type 3A, to 4C. However, determining your hair texture is a different ball game.

Hair texture is the measure of the circumference of the hair strand itself. Professionals classify the texture of hair as being "coarse" (Thick), "fine", or "medium".

Width is not how the hair feels but describes the thickness of each individual strand of hair. The comparison is typically to a piece of thread. If your hair is fine, it’s thinner than t…

Horsetail and Silica For Hair Growth

We are almost done with the ingredients for hairfinity. Today's topic has to do with horsetail and silica.

Known by the botanical name Equisetum, horsetail is a prehistoric plant with distinctive hollow stems. Horsetail contains silica, an abundant mineral that helps promote strong bones and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Silica is a major constituent of collagen and helps support healthy tissues. Silica is marketed by itself as a general health supplement in several forms, including liquid and powder.( Check our post On Collagen).

Silica helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. It is needed for bone health and the proper function of your muscles and nerves. It is also needed for proper cell signaling -- a communication system that directs cellular activity.


Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) sulphur

Sulfur exists in both mineral and organic forms. Organic sulfur is also called Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) sulfur.


To begin with, sulfur (also known as sulphur) is a chemical element. It is also known as sulfur oxide, which is processed into sulfuric acid. This form of sulfur is poisonous to the body, and cannot be absorbed or digested. Furthermore, Sulfur is often found in volcanic areas, and usually occurs in yellow crystalline form or in mass volume.

Organic Sulfur (MSM)

On the other hand, Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur compound found in all living plant and animal tissues. It is a white, odorless, crystalline powder. This form of sulfur is 100% organic, and is actually extremely beneficial to the human body. Unlike sulfur oxide, organic sulfur is a food grade form of sulfur  that is absolutely necessary for proper health. MSM sulfur works in the body by supporting the  connective tissues of tendons, muscles and ligaments. Furthermore, organic sulfur (M…

Hydrolyzed Collagen For Hair Growth

In the facts about the hairfinity series, we've looked at the claims, what the capilsana complex does and now, we need to look at the hydrolyzed collagen which is part of the exclusive system.

Other names:

Hydrolyzed collagen is composed of small amino acids, which help form new collagen in the body. While there is currently no evidence supporting its many claims, some suggest hydrolyzed collagen is capable of increasing lean muscle mass stores, treating arthritis, and even rebuilding certain organs.

The Making of Hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that is derived from bovine bone and cartilage. Bovine collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the cartilage, bones and hides of cows that provides types I and III collagen, the major components of skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels.

Usually, the bone is crushed, ground, defatted, soaked in acid to remove the calcium, soaked again to break the collage…

Capilsana Complex in Hairfinity

We are on the ingredients in the hairfinity and when I'm through with it, we'll move to the Edge Entity ingredients.

What is capilsana complex?

EXCLUSIVE CAPILSANA ™ COMPLEX delivers a unique blend of Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM, and Silica provides 18 Amino Acids, which are the building blocks of the protein that gives hair its strength. The exclusive complex also provides sulfur required for healthy collagen and keratin, which are essential to healthy hair growth.

B vitamins are known to be essential for a variety of biological functions including increasing cell numbers and cell growth. Although it is not something you can see obviously, hair is composed of cells and hair growth means increasing cell numbers and cell growth. Will high levels of B-vitamins increase hair growth? This is unknown. However, as B vitamins are water soluble, you should expect to see the excess passing out in urine.

The active ingredient is listed as capilsana complex whi…

Edge Entity For Edges

I'm not pausing hairfinity to use the edge entity to regrow my edges. The hairfinity is just 30 days supply whereas the edge entity has to be used up within 6 months of opening hence I will still have amble time to test the efficiency or otherwise.

The Edge Entity is a follicle stimulant with coconut milk and peppermint oil ( doesn't tingle that much so I'm cool). I got the 4oz at close to (300gh). If you want one, let's chat on 0541458372.

Some testimonies

My own before

I'll share the ingredients and details on each ingredient in the one month update.