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Last Wash Day for 2017

Using the s curl no drip activator moisturiser has been a blessing to my hair as I don't have problems with dryness, at least for now.

I used the Native Child Moisturising shampoo to wash twice to remove all build up. I need a fresh scalp therefore the clarifying shampoo was the best option.

I followed with VO5 kiwi lime squeeze conditioner, I love this product so much. After January though, I'll switch to the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor or the balancing moisturizer for weekly deep conditioning treatment. That will strengthen my hair as it gets longer.

After washing, I just applied Jamaican black castor oil hair food. I won't use the hair milk or leave in until I have about 3 inches of hair when the hair will need more moisture.

I'm optimistic about 2018 being a year of natural hair glory. I take my gummies daily and plan to continue with supplements until I can braid box braids. That's the first goal for 2018. I'll do a full video and post it tomorr…

Merry Christmas- 2017 Recap

Through it all, we've been blessed to witness this season. 

This year was anot interesting one for the reason that I virtually kept cutting off the hair to maintain it short. That wasn't the plan but I guess enjoying the short hair made me forget about the 2017 goals LOL.

This year too, I finally put finishing touches to the sulphur oil branded as ESO hair oil - Emprezz Sulphur Oil. I look forward to seeing more reviews from customers. 

Lastly,  I moved from only hair to skin care products in the shop too. You can now get cleansers, scrubs, toner, sunblock, and masks. The best news is that we'll be going physical in 2018 so stay tuned for updates. Our physical shop will be it more easier to walk in for products as well as allow us expand the product lines.

It's been an amazing yet roller coaster year and I pray 2018 is more favourable.

As for the hair, I'm fully 100% natural and tapeered!! I've been using the ESO scalp oil on the edges and the scalp and I'…

I Got My Hair Done+ESO Scalp Oil Results !

I've been at this stage over and over again hence I'm not so excited but what pleases me is the growth I had within a month.

I haven't been taking any supplements so it's pretty amazing to see such growth from the ESO scalp oil (I didn't expect anything less though).

The last cut was 27th September therefore to achieve a roller set at this point is simply a huge success with the ESO.

I'll wash tomorrow evening and get it deep conditioned. I'll also keep applying the ESO on the scalp alongside scalp massage.

I'm waiting for my women's multivitamins to arrive so I take them.

I guess we are back to weekly updates or so Lol. This is quite exhilarating!

ESO Scalp Oil In The Shop

It's been a long road to getting this ESO scalp oil branded and well packaged.

To shop, just click on the shop link here  and purchase yours. Simple as that.
You can also WhatsApp or call 0541458372 to order.

How To Increase Hair Growth Whilst In Protective Style

I've been in these zip braids for 2 weeks already; my scalp is fine, my hairline is full and overall, I notice growth coming in. What do I do to increase hair growth whilst in protective style?

1. Stay consistent with hydration both internal and external. I drink more than 2 litres of water as often as possible and spray the hair with rosewater and guava leaves brewed in water.

2. Take your vitamins be it multivitamins, hair growth vitamins or just good old folic acid. Whatever the case, just keep your body healthy and ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for cell renewal and healthy hair.

3. Keep the scalp unclogged. In as much as I Iove using hair oils, I don't go hard on them when I'm unable to properly wash the scalp. I use the ESO scalp oil about 3 to 4 times a week. I apply it daily on the edges as it's easy to cleanse that part.

4. Lastly, clean the scalp regularly to prevent build up. Truth be told, I have been able to clean mine and o…

ESO Hair Oil + Iron Supplement

Whenever you take a hair growth vitamin, be sure to add iron supplement if it's missing from the ingredients. I find it prudent because I easily go low on iron levels and this can cause severe hair loss and thinning.

Despite the fact that I won't be taking hair vitamins for the next couple of months, I still need to maintain my iron levels so this is what I grabbed.

I'll take this as long as possible. I'm more at ease this way knowing that I will still support my health without compromising the oil I'm using.
What are you taking for hair growth or using for hair growth?

Vitacost Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

I've been so faithful in taking the beautifully bamboo vitamins and have successfully finished them.

The newest vitamins in my stash is the Vitacost hair skin and nails vitamins.

My hair has grown back again although I do wish to end the year with ear length. Let's see what happens next.
If you read the ingredients on the Vitacost, you'd realized biotin is 2800mcg per capsule which is lower than other brands. However, I'd rather take this since I realized that the hair grows faster even with low dosage. I may start that bottle within the month; let's see what happens next.
What do you think about my results so far?

7 Days of Green House Effect

Don't mind that bra hand 😁😁😁 The relaxer went well except I had to give a handful of instructions throughout the process.

At the end, I did notice some good growth as a result of the vitamins and hair growth oil.

What next? My next touch up is in 4 weeks and I'm maintaining that until I can wear a decent style. I'll trim a lot off as soon as I can wear a bun. The idea is to texlax later in 2018 to maintain thickness.

It's going to be a long way back to Armpit Length but we'll get there. I just want to OK enjoy my hair each day.

For this week, I'll be doing 7 days of green house effect to restore more moisture into the hair and keep that hair hydrated. My hair easily gets dry hence I need to step up my game!
I'll be using just a tiny amount of the ESO hair oil nightly and then cover with a shower cap for just after work hours. I don't intend doing it overnight as the weather is too hot to wear a cap at sleep time.

I'll be back with ano…

Do You Oil Your Scalp?

Oiling your scalp is quite a controversial topic within the hair world for the reason that some advocate that you do so to help prevent dry scalp whilst others are of the view that your sebum is enough to hydrate your scalp. The question is how much sebum do you have? Is it enough?

The main concern with oiling your scalp has to do with clogging the pores with thick oils that prevent your scalp from receiving the nourishment it needs as well as adding to the sebum you have. In some cases, I've found my sebum production to be low and as such oiling the scalp was a good way of ensuring no dryness. On the other hand, when I go overboard with the application of the oil, I experience itchy scalp.

When you oil your scalp, it doesn't need to be a daily routine if your scalp doesn't like it. Itchy scalp means you need to cleanse it and applying oils to the scalp might require regular cleansing. There are people with scalp conditions that can only be soothed with oiling the scalp.

How To Use Protective Styles To Grow Longer Hair

In as much as we all want to grow long hair,  we also fail to see that it's not everything that yields positive results and this applies to using protective styles to grow longer hair.

We call some styles protective styles because our ends are protected from the elements and also from damage as a result of manipulation. Weaves,  buns and braids are the most common protective styles. In order to reap the benefits of protective styles to grow your hair long,  use the following tips.

**Moisturize your hair underneath your hair style.  Use a braid spray or your own spritz to keep the hair from drying out.

**Clean your scalp regularly to remove dirt which blocks the pores on the scalp.  Use light oils on the scalp I order not to clog it.

**Don't keep the style in for too long. Now,  what is "long"? That's up to you. Some clean their scalp and wash their braid or weaves regularly hence they are able to go up to 3 months.  You know your hair and what it can tolerate so …

Why Your Natural Hair Is Brown In Colour

I'm not referring to this with naturally brown hair : I'm talking about those who complain that their hair isn't as black as mine (even relaxed hair needs not to be brown).

1. The first reason is dry hair.  When your hair lacks moisture,  you'll experience dry and brittle hair and the sun light worsens the situation hence you get that brownish tint. What you need to do to remedy the situation is infuse moisture into the hair in form of deep conditioning and green house effect. In a matter of weeks, you'll notice a difference.

2. Not protecting your ends can cause that brownish colour therefore try to keep your ends tucked away especially during harmattan.

3. Relaxing your hair too often or back to back like we used to causes over processed hair which is the brownish colour you see.  When you begin spacing the relaxer application,  you'll notice that your old hair will only be the damaged parts. Apply the relaxer to only the new growth else if you do it all over…

Braids Don't Grow Hair

I got the box braids installed to give myself a break from daily manipulation during harmattan. When it comes to braids and length retention, the thoughts of a majority of women is braids grow hair faster and hence their dependence on it.

This view is influenced by the result you see after taking down your braids.  Because the hair is protected from natural elements like the sun, you tend to experience less dryness if you've been moisturizing probably once in a while.  Also, no manipulation means you don't loose hair nor experience breakage which translates into length retention.

That's the reason why you may think braids grow hair but they don't affect the scalp in any way to facilitate growth.

People Treat Me Differently Because...

Less than 24 hours ago, I had my TWA swag. Then, I decided to braid it up and fortunately, the hair dresser got something done for me.

In shoving twist of events, I went out this morning and I got a different response from people. Let me backtrack.

Here are some pictures I took of my hair.

So, the weather has changed and for that I decided to hide the hair.

I went out to grab a few things for the family and the look on the faces of some people 😂😂😂😂. Why? My short hair was seen as an indication of being young, I mean talk of Senior High School student! I, then, noticed people's tone had changed towards me. The spoke to me as an adult, listened to my views and opinions and smiled like they were supposed to. What do I mean? The braids have given me another insight into what people perceive as maturity.

I got better service because the braids made me look matured! I accept that I have a baby face but the sharp contrast in the way others treat me got me surprised. Ev…

How To Grow Long Hair in 2018

After posting about my plans and goals to achieving my hair goals in 2018, some participants in the boot camp who are new on the healthy hair journey have requested for a post on how to grow long hair in 2018.

If your new year resolution is to grow your relaxed hair or natural hair long, here are a few tips for you.

1. Get a shampoo: cleaning your scalp and hair as a first step eliminates dirt from the scalp and hair. It also means you'll be able to use your other products effectively.

2. Conditioner: infusing moisture back into the hair after a shampoo is essential in maintaining soft hair as well as preventing breakage. After shampoo, follow up with the conditioner for softer and manageable hair.
3. Deep conditioner aka steaming cream as our locals know it helps to provide the hair with nutrients that nourish the strands, strengthen it and also prevent damage and breakage. This treatment should be done at least once a month after shampoo. You can alternate that with the…

Starting A New Healthy Hair Journey For 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, I've been reordering and reorganizing my goals, priorities and most importantly, my desired outcomes.

Growing hair isn't a day thing neither is it a race. However, I also don't want to relax and suffer a setback. Creating the balance between the goal and achievement needs a simple but effective planning. What I mean is if I set a goal, I need to know when and how I'll achieve it. Merely stating the goal doesn't yield the result.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know that I don't wait till new year to set goals and targets. This is the best time to evaluate what the current year has been and what the future holds.

2017 was a fun year for me! I learnt so much about my skin and honestly, my hair took a back seat. I hardly purchased products as I got about 7 hair cuts! Talk about not having products, I intended keeping a tapered cut but Mr. Sweetheart wants to play in long hair again hence I decided…

Wash Day With Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Aside loving how clear my face has become, I've been paying attention to moisture retention too. To retain moisture, I endure that the products I use in cleansing the hair are moisturizing ones.

This is week 2 of the boot camp and to wash the hair, I decided to use the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

The Shampoo

It had the scent of tea tree oil and it's not too thick. It's a deep cleansing shampoo hence I'd rather use it when I have build up and not weekly.

The deep conditioner is my favourite; it has a strong tea tree oil scent and a bit minty. The beat thing is the softness I had after use.

It's extremely moisturizing and I don't think I switch or try another one any time soon. Of course, it's affordable too thus I get to enjoy the benefits of moisturized hair and no stress on the pocket! I do love it!

2. After cleansing and deep conditioning, I applied the wild growth light oil moisturizer, a bit of the wild growth hair oil…

How To Make Your Own Liquid Biotin

Getting the maximum benefit from your biotin requires constantly taking it with meals. However, what happens in reality is we sometimes forget to take it or find it hard taking it with the meal, especially, if we have to swallow it. For Chewable vitamins, the tendency is to do so after the meal as they tend to be sugary and will affect our taste buds whilst eating Lol. What's the solution?

For some biotin and vitamins in capsule form, simply add to your beverage and take it. I tried this technique with my natures bounty gummies and it was a success! It melted in the beverage so I got to enjoy my meal as well as take my vitamins.

You can add to your drink or juice too, especially smoothie in the morning. For tablet vitamins, even cold water can dissolve it for you. If you feel it might be bitter, then, your morning tea or porridge can handle that. Just drop it in a spoonful of what you are drinking to melt and take it. Recall those days of bitter paracetamol or chlor…

Goat Milk Pawpaw Soap

I purchased this from a shop on Instagram and just for the fact that I saw goat milk,  I decided to try it.  I just saw that butterflygh also has a goat milk line that I'll be trying after this.  I also got the carrot and oatmeal,  all with goat milk. I've been using the oatmeal one since last week and so far,  no itching and no negative reaction. I find my skin to be less dry too; it stays hydrated for longer periods.  With the size, the three bars could last me two months (minus night baths lol).

The three cost me less than 40gh including delivery. I don't use it on my face because I have enough facial products.

I got them from naturalbeautygh on Instagram and I hope to enjoy this line.

6 Things I Look Forward To (October 2017 to October 2018)

I've missed my length so much but I've made peace with myself and my hair regarding my love of fierce cuts!

Now that I have made the choice to grow the hair in a relaxed state, I've realized that there are 6 things I'd love to do.
1. Wear a bun with extensions at the end. I miss this style so much!

2. Use up products within a month so I don't hoard.

3. Wear headband around the hairline whilst the hair is in a top bun

4. Air dry and get puffy, frizzy hair!

5. Try some product lines on the market eg. From Sheamoisture and Creme of nature, Eden Bodyworks and Sunny Isle.

6. The last one is to be able to do 12 weeks relaxer stretch throughout the 12 months of the challenge. 4 relaxer application within a year would be great for maintaining my dark and thick hair!

Wild Growth Hair Oil &moisturizer

If you didn't know, then, let me announce that we have Wild growth hair oil and the oil moisturizer in stock. To order, call 0541458372

We also have Tea Tree shampoo and deep conditioner from Beauty Formulas

In stock too are facial cleansers, scrubs and activated charcoal peel off mask.
For prices and order , call 0541458372

VO5 shampoos and conditioners are also available.
We have the 12oz and 32oz size.

We still have Tropic Isle Jamaican black castor oil.
For more products, check

How I Grew My Edges (And Still Growing It)

About 3 months ago, I purchased edge entity follicle stimulant cream and now, I'm full of excitement about the results.

It's been 4 months since my last braid too and these two things have helped restore the glory of my hairline.

I wasn't a happy fella with those ratchet looking edges and I was definitely to be blamed for that damage.

I use the edge entity once a day, every single day (I try not to miss) . I purchased the 4oz jar hence I have 3 more months of use. The jar directs that it's used within 6 months.

When it's finished, I'm still going to be my sulphur hair oil to maintain it. I use that on my scalp and my two weeks growth is impressive.

As for the nature's bounty gummies, I take them once every 3 to 4 days and that's how it's going to be to avoid breakout.

Anyway, here are more pictures.

Boot Camp Wash Day

Last night, I really paid attention to my hair as I want to have a detailed wash routine for new readers and also participants in the 2018 boot camp.

1. Washed with the Ors aloe creamy shampoo to remove dirt and build up from the chemicals in the water I use.

2. I rinsed the shampoo out and applied a deep conditioner (I used dark and lovely Amla legend mask) I know some of the ladies have ORS replenishing conditioner, ORS nourishing conditioner, Eco Lesterol. These are deep conditioners you can use. I covered my hair with a steam cap to allow the body's heat to heat up the deep conditioner for it to work.
3. I left the deep conditioner on for as long as I could and then rinsed off with cold water.

4. I used an old t shirt to dry the hair and then applied leave in conditioner.

5. I used mane choice hair oil after to seal in the moisture and covered with a steam cap for overnight Green House Effect. This method infuses moisture in the hair and can be done as often as you wa…